Fall Wish List (as in wish it’s good list!)

September 17th on NBC

I always hope J.J. Abrams will give us another LOST. Person of Interest is good, but it is no epic. Revolution has that taste. The concept of the tropical island life never seemed so bad to me on LOST, aside for the loonies they were stuck with and the Smoke Monster. The concept of cell phones and internet going down isn’t so bad either, but who would we talk to without email, text and twitter?

Hoping You Are Giving Us Something New Award
Person of Interest
September 27th on CBS

I really enjoyed the first half of the season of POI. New concept, interesting take on a special forces vigilante t.v. series. Then halfway through the series I realized I was watching the same exact episode every week. Finch finds a charge, they observe. One makes contact. Reese protects the mark. The reason to protect or stop the POI is discovered. The communication breaks down and someone is confronted and the intensity music climbs. Reese kicks someones ass. Conclusion.

Doctor Who
September on BBC

Big fan of the Doctor, always a good season year-after-year over at BBC, still think Christopher Eccleston has been the best of the new Doctors.

666 Park Ave
September 30th on ABC

See above references to how much I enjoyed LOST. Welcome back John.

Best Show on TV Why Do I Have To Wait AWARD
The Walking Dead
October 14th on AMC

Best show on television. Period.

Best New Show to Watch with My Son
Tron: Uprising
October on Disney

Have I ever told you how much I misjudged the Tron: Legacy movie? I won’t make that mistake twice, watching from day one.

Iffy Award
October on CW

Green Arrow could really translate well to tv. Superheroes have a way of not working well on tv. I thought The Cape was going well and then no one watched so it was axed, shame because it was really heating up. Will people watch an archer with too much money to spend? Maybe. My only concern is the channel, will CW make this a show to appeal to the Twilight crowd.

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