From the pages of the past! Ads of yesteryear – Bruce Lee

I loved this game as a kid, played it or hours trying to conquer the fortress. Have it as an emulator on my Alienware.

World 1-1

Bruce Lee was a consummate badass who did it all. Director, writer, teacher, and martial arts master whose influence continues to be felt years after his death, he didn’t wait for different ways of expression to capture the world’s attention. It was almost as if technology had to catch up to his blinding speed which it finally did with his first video game from Datasoft in 1984.

This was a clever blend of platforming and beat ’em up action. Following a title screen sporting his digitized likeness, and after you got your fingers ready over the keys or with your favorite ‘stick, it was time to beat, jump, and climb your way through 20 screens of devilish traps and timed hurdles ranging from flame spouts to spikes. I couldn’t get enough of the action which Datasoft knew how to deliver.

Story-wise, Bruce Lee heads into the fortress ruled over by…

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