Universe Distribution Center? [Ridiculous Science Theory]

There has been a lot of chatter the past few days about a galaxy that is producing stars at a rate our own galaxy’s scientist have felt was, “out of this world.”  O.k. that was bad, sorry.

The Phoenix Galaxy Cluster (Official designation SPT-CLJ2344-4243) dwarfs our own, not in production, but in mere size now tipping the scales at 2.5 quadrillion times the size of our sun.  Imagine our galaxy map hanging in a classroom.  Add another Sun spot, and another on the other side, and another below, and another somewhere else, all the way right up to 2,500,000,000,000,000 spots.  It would push you right out the room, out the building and maybe out the state of RI.  That is massive.

Being that this 5.7 billion light years away and everything we are viewing is ancient history in our Universe.  Is it possible we are witnessing the star production center of the galaxy?  Are there shipping centers taking in these stars and processing which galaxies are in need of lucent bodies to power solar systems for newly formed astral-civilizations.

Does this bring into question where our own Sun originated from?  I greatly hope that we did not buy a warehouse product as they have a tenancy to be less reliable and defective.  Does the Walmart of the Universe produce stars at a quality rating of that of the Mom and Pop style of the hand-made nature that of  a quality star.  Is this how we end up with supernovas, do these defective stars just pop because they were improperly manufactured?  Are they able to be returned for refurbishment like an iPod Touch and if so are they put up on some galactic Woot! site for a discounted price?

Have we just stumbled upon some secret that will allow us entry into a larger galactic society?

Are these Space Pirates who counterfeit stars and sell them at homemade prices?

Time will tell.

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