Fun with eMail Scammers Part Deux

My cat Trixie

So I posted a few ads just to fish for some more fun. Here are a few of my favorite responses from a few morons: OBC=ObiWan Canubi

From Anika Williams anwils01@gmail

AW: Would like to buy this item of yours. Contact me if it is still

OWC: yes i still have it. where are you located?

AW: Thanks for the response,Just to let you know that am
buying this item for my spouse abroad.I’ll be adding $120 for the
shipping and handling.I would have made this transaction in person but
I’m currently out of town due to my work frame. So get back to me with
your PayPal account email address as for me to send you the money.I’d
like to do this very fast because i have promised him that the item
will be there soonest. Be looking forward to reading from you.

OWC: Did you even read my email? I asked where you are located.

AW: Thank you for your email when should I palpay you.

OWC: I don’t use computers, so I don’t have an email address. Could you mail me a check?

AW: Would be happier two. When should I send it.

OWC: Name ….Stella t. Oluwole
Address…No 27 oluwanishola street anfani lay out ring road ibadan.

(NOTE: This is the address of the last scammer that emailed me.)

AW: Is this joke.

OWC: No “this no joke”.

She never responded.

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