After Life: The Worst Nightmare You Can Imagine

After Life

Rhian Ellis

1/10 Stars

I really don’t know where to begin, so maybe we start with a few facts.  The title and description captivated me, the unknown is intriguing  interesting almost intoxicating.  This book took me 3 weeks to read, for some people who may be average, but 300 pages should take a few days tops for me.  It wasn’t because I was busy or distracted.  After Life read like Average Joe Workingman’s Biography: The Accounting Firm Employment Years.  If that sounds like a harsh criticism well, it is what it is intended.  The story read on and on how this happened, and this person went to dinner with this person, and someone made a Halloween costume.  Nothing ever happens to progress the story from the opening paragraph when Naomi drags the dead body of her lover down the stairs, into the boat and buries him to be forgotten forever.

For the next 290 pages the book stumbles to tell you a story of a self-centered mother who never shows affection to a daughter dying to be loved and a town who filled with hundreds of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and fortune tellers allows a murder to happen under their nose but never notice the act… but at the same time convincing you that “hey, all this hocus pocus it true.”  Really?  Everyone in the town can communicate with the dead and no one knew poor Peter lied buried and murdered for a decade.  Now if you believe in mediums or psychics I am not insulting your beliefs, I believe in aliens, who am I to judge.  But don’t tell me someone, a whole community is gifted and communicates daily with the dead who walk amongst us and no one was tipped off by these events.

Aside from my displeasure with the actual story the novel just had no hook, the reason it took me 3 weeks to finish the tale and liken it to an Average Joe’s Biography was just that, it never moved.  Page after page the author describes daily mundane activities and history in the character’s lives.  Like a 2 hour directors cut of a laundry detergent commercial.  It wasn’t a who-done-it, the murderer is revealed in the opening moments.  It wasn’t a haunting.  It’s about a girl who kills a boy and goes about her normal life for ten years, and this is her first-person view of her life.

I kept waiting for a twist, waiting to find out she died and was a ghost among the mediums.  No, nothing, just a story about a girl who killed someone ten years prior and did nothing since but work and read a few palms.

In closing a question you may be wondering.  Why would you read 300 pages of a book you disliked so much?

Well, first I was hoping the book would kick in and a story for the ages was waiting to blossom, it didn’t.

Second, I paid $4.99 for the Kindle Edition and I owed it to myself to finish this book to warn others of its pitfalls.

Take head, do not read.

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5 responses to “After Life: The Worst Nightmare You Can Imagine

  • Lori

    Ms Ellis is a medium and I have met her on several occasions, you would not mock her or people like myself if you knew the troubles we have traveld.

    Her work has inspired people like myself to persue and learn to communicate with the spirti realm and bring closure to many hurt families. I have personally led police to numerous killers in murder investigations to numerous to count.

    Lori Ann Swedburg

  • Lori

    Dear Sir,

    I have read this book and I myself am a medium. You speak of this as a mockery and deminish our porfession I question if your intentions are you are a non-believer and dwell on such dislike for gifted persons to write such hateful remarks about our gifts.

    Lori Ann Swedburg

    • ObiWanCanubi

      Lori, I would like to reply to your comments in two parts.

      You are correct, I don’t believe in mediums communicating with the dead. But my mockery of mediums is of the characters in this book who all have ESP of some form and yet no one knows who killed the young man. I did not in any ways refer to anyone’s chosen lifestyle.

      Second, you realize this book is fiction, right? Whether or not you believe in a gift or not the book is fictional events with fictional persons whom I did not find entertaining regardless what they practice.

  • Lori

    And I will reply to you in 2 parts. First you did insult mediums and I am 1 and I am insulted.

    Lori Ann Swedburg

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