Man of Steel Trailer

Now keep in mind this is the teaser, so it does just that, tease.  With only a momentary glimpse of the Son of Krypton we can see he is using updated suit and no underwear.  I can handle new digs, it worked for Batman.  The cameras cool tones and lack of sun light give it that darker imagery that we have seen in the Dark Knight trilogy.  Over coming the flop of 2006 will not be much of a task, living up to the 1978 and 1980 film’s legacy will be an even more difficult mountain to eclipse.

There are two separate trailers, one has Kevin Costner (Pa Kent) narrating the voice over and has Russell Crowe (Jor-el) speaking over the same video sequence.  With only a minute to decipher it is evident beyond a shadow of a doubt that this film will conquer Superman Returns, and as a Superman nut I can only hope it is half as good as Superman II, probably the benchmark in superhero films in my opinion.

I will wait the next 11 months with eager anticipation.


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