The Most Absurd T.V. Shows You Will Ever Watch… In No Specific Order

Please tell me the Caveman is not a psychologist.

Why would I make a list of things, shows that are utterly ridiculous?  Boredom, ire, writer’s block or all of the above.  Who cares, if you have read this much you have gone to far!

Some simple ground rules, feel free to object, agree or add your own.  I did not include old TV shows with poor special effects, for instance 1970’s Doctor Who episodes that featured tin foil monsters.  First of all because I love Doctor Who, but poor special effects are a product of the era and not an indication of quality.  Someday we as viewers may look back on something such as the Avengers as a film will poor special effects.  The quality is based on originality and enjoyment in its period of airing.

You may notice that the shows are very recent on the list, that indicates one of two reasons.  Shows that have come and gone have likely gone from my mind, and secondly, t.v. shows today are so unoriginal and rehashed it is more absurd than this list.

Any reality life show – Start with the most absurd, the lifestyle shows of Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of Somewhere, Bad Girls etc.  If you are packing strangers into a house the show is ridiculous.  You will never properly represent anything when the shows are based on people with a specific psych-profile to create drama and entertainment.

We are as surprised as you, Rob!

Rob – Rob Schneider dates a hot girl a foot taller than him and jokes on his ethnicity and sexual qualities.  Seems like he may have played this role in a movie or ten.  Hasn’t been funny since Deuce Bigalow.  Could barely stomach the one episode I test drove.

Three and a Half Men – Charlie Sheen should thank the lucky stars he was fired/quit this show.  Ashton is almost as unfunny as Rob Schneider, his character is so far over the edge pitiful is makes him unwatchable if he ever was anything but.  The character of Jake was humorous in his younger years, but it is getting to the point of trying to play Bobby and Cindy as kids when they were clearly far too grown up to be grammar school kids any longer and should be borrowing the Brady-Mobile.

That 70’s Show – See above applicable Ashton Kutcher data.  Apply just as boring to the rest of the cast.

The Cleveland Show – How do you ruin a great side, supporting character in an animated show?  Try to write not only an episode of material, but an entire series on a few solid gimmicks.

Operation Repo – Take literally the ugliest group of people in America and give them a pretend job.  Who are they fooling?  No repo person acts this way and fights for every repossession.  I guess some network realized the potential lawsuit for an “accident” was too costly to try to film a real line of work, so they stage one.

John about to get a new piece of furnature

Haunted Collector – So this guy John takes requests to help people who have haunted homes and rid them of ghosts.  His belief is that haunting are the product of an object in the home that a spirit is attached too and he will identify and remove that object. Nice gig.

“Hi my house is haunted.”

“I will be right there.”

“Is that a 12th century samurai sword?”

“Yes it is.”

“We found you ghost, it is a troubled warrior spirit.  I will remove the sword and the haunting will cease.”

“Thank you!”

“How fast can you drive me to the Pawn Stars shop?”

Seriously I hate this show but I need to watch to see what object he can con someone out of each week.

Operation Repo’s Finest

Wilfred – O.K. I admit, I laughed like hell during the first episode.  I even laughed slightly at the second.  I may have chuckled at the third.  But then you realize that every episode the guy in the dog suit convinces his friend to get high, do something stupid and then hump something inanimate.  And they usually prance the cute neighbor through for sex appeal.  The show never changes.  Not once. Pot, Prank, Repeat.

Cavemen – Now I can not stand commercials, ever.  Why people look forward to Superbowl commercials is beyond me.  Maybe there was a subliminal hypnosis put out by the networks to convince people this was a good idea and I missed it, Superbowl commercials that is.  Then some pitchman goes to the networks and suggests that a good idea for a show is to take a really bad insurance commercial idea and stretch it to 30 minutes, that is 31 minutes too long.

Monty Pythons Flying Circus – I will take heat for this, but no Monty Python anything has ever made me laugh.  I just don’t get it.

Whitney – Whitney Cummings is a brilliant writer, she is just not meant to work in front of the camera.  The show has little to no feeling in it, like a high school play.

Mike & Molly – Bill Gardell is possibly the most unfunny comedian to ever land a paying gig.  And whoever writes his self-deprecating antidotes should never pick up a pen in their lives… ever.

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8 responses to “The Most Absurd T.V. Shows You Will Ever Watch… In No Specific Order

  • David

    I was with you until Wilfred, the show is brilliant. I agree on the outside it looks repetitive but what show isn’t? Some shows, lets take Law & Order have crime, investigation, arrest, trial. How is that much different?

    You need to watch it not for the story per-say, but for the dialogue, the writing is brilliant and one of the funniest shows you will ever watch.

    Aside from Wilfred and Monty Python I am fairly sure you are spot on with the others.

  • pcawdron

    Have you seen Monty Python’s The Life of Brian? It is timeless satire on the absurdities latent within so many religions…

    I’d add every fishing show (you’ve got to love how the fish just jump on the hook in a matter of seconds) and every DIY Home Renovation show. With a smile they’ll tell you, “It’s all so simple. Look, with our time-lapse photography, sloppy attention to detail because the camera is so forgiving, and tradesman experience, you can transform your back yard into the Taj Mahal in just one afternoon.” LMAO

    • ObiWanCanubi

      I did forget about those categories thank you. I hate fishing, I feel like I need to be moving, and that requires patience and quiet.

      While I would judge anyone, including my wife who says they like most shows I despise, I know I am in the wrong on The Life of Brian and Holy Grail. I have tried to find the humor in Monty Python but the shows have always been as exciting as a yearly physical to me. I think it has something to do with my also being the only human that does not like chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream etc.

  • Margaret Garcia

    pretty much this is dummest list i have ever seen. How can you insult shows like Jersey Shore as unoriginal They ARE REALITY meaning they are anything but unoriginal. Pauly, Mike, Snooki, Jen, Sammi, Vinn and all thme do their own thing they would do with or without cameras and you call that unoriginal you are stupid man.

  • ObiWanCanubi

    I actually never called them unoriginal Margaret. While they may be just that, I actually called the show absurd. Based on the creators, not the “actors’ because they hand pick the folks in the home knowing they will fight and have constant conflict. They meet with these people and hand pick groups of people they know will not bite their tongue and hold in their feelings. What fun would that show be?

    But you have every right to agree or disagree with my perception of absurd and ridiculous, just don’t put words in my mouth that were never there… that would be “dumm.”

  • Trent G

    Pretty much any of the food eating shows would go on there for me, if I wanted to watch people eat I would sit in a diner and just observe the gluttony.

  • Schmoopy

    your absurd

  • Kristoffer

    I know it is not a show but can you add SHARK WEEK to your list?

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