Mars’ Greatest Fear is that Earth Invades!

Earthlings doing what they do best, stripping the land of resources, only this land is on Mars and Mars will not take it any longer.

Whether Mars kicked out the humans or they left of their own accord it is slightly unclear, but the last transport of humans are about to depart and it is possible terrorists are among them. The Capital City of Mars has been leveled to dust and the Martians demand justice, only there are no witnesses to identify the humans involved. Making use of the little leverage they have they try their best to find the Americans before the ship departs.

Philip Marlow meets Alfred Hitchcock on the set of the Outer Limits is the only way to describe this story. Part detective story, part sci fi and a lot of that mysterious man on the train.

One of Philip K. Dick’s lesser know tales. Not as technological and sophisticated as some of today’s imagery, they refer to Mars vehicles as “cars” and carry machine guns. The idea of technology in 1954 was to just venture into space, never mind computers, internet and holo-communications.

Dick’s work has been quietly adapted into some of the biggest sci-fi films in history, mostly unknown or associated with these works of art because he died in the early 1980s he wrote stories that went on to become: Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and the Adjustment Bureau to name just a few.

One of the best short stories you will ever read, and best of all you never pay a penny!

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