The Fall of America One Spoonful at a Time

Score one for the liberalism of ultra political correctness.

Yesterday Ben & Jerry’s had to apologize for honoring a basketball phenom.  A superstar not in the way Jordon controlled the NBA, but in the way that Fernando-Mania took over America.  Not by talent, but by a quality game out of no-where from a player not even his own mom would have expected.

Jeremy Lin is good, but his story is amazing. 

That is why America loves him, the American Dream coming true, a kid with a dream is living his dream.  People love to know there is something bigger for them and Americans live vicariously through Lin’s hopes and dreams.  Jordan never had a B&J ice cream, not because he was not as good as Lin, that is just silly.  It is apples and oranges that they do for the fans.

When Ben & Jerry’s made a flavor they did the right thing, when they bowed to the PC complaints of a few they failed.

How is crushed fortune cookies in an ice cream swirl offensive?

Did Jeremy Lin call it offensive?  No I don’t think so.

Complaints said fortune cookies are offensive.  Why because they recognize and address Lin’s Chinese heritage?  Face it world, Lin’s ancestors originated in China.  And for the purists that say fortune cookies are not even a real Chinese staple, that it is a Chinese-American decor, then how about it maybe is even more appropriate because Lin is a Chinese-American.

Everything about Linsanity was right.  Taking that away from Jeremy Lin is what was wrong.

You want offensive America?  What you did you Lin, that was offensive.  Someday this all may be gone.  Not because Jeremy Lin is not good, he can play basketball, but his level of skill does not justify his fame.  Someday the media will move on, and one day the fans will find a new future star.  Lin will have a good career and make a lot of money, just like Fernando Valenzuela he will have a good run, but never again like this year.  Never again will an ice cream honor him, never again will Lin be on ESPN 19 of the 24 hours, and never again will his name sell out every road game on hype alone.  Let him have his moment in the sun.  Please.

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