In Light of the Recent Grammy’s Debacle…

…I would like to set right the wrongs done by the Grammy industry for a few bands snubbed over the years.

For the past 50 some odd years the tone-deaf folks at the Grammy’s Committee have been lining the record companies pockets with money.  How?  A Grammy award is a license onto a marginal artist that gives them instant credibility and justification to the public without ever putting forth effort.  This is not to say that every award winner is crap, but a portion of them live off the undeserved success of an award to sell sub-standard music to the public for decades to come.

Case-in-point, Metallica, no question are they an amazing band, but their best work is clearly their first 4 albums.  While …And Justice For All did win one award for the single “One,” no album has come close to the technicality and complexity as the prior albums yet they have won 7 Grammy’s and been nominated for 15 Grammy’s along with several dozen AMA, MTV and various other awards all with a lowered quality of music that went virtually unrecognized.  While this may be a case of not getting respect from the industry, it only further proves the Grammy Committee’s biased nature.  So without further delay here are the albums and awards over looked that I would like to recognize. 

  • Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime – You have heard it a million times before, one of the greatest concept albums ever.   From track-to-track even without the story Mindcrime is a killer album.  Without the Grammy Queensryche has had financial success off the follow-up albums ballad, but have gone back to the golden goose for a sequel and two live album along with talks for a movie and a Broadway musical.
  • Ozzy Osbourne – No Rest for the Wicked – I get a lot of flack for my opinion on this but Wicked is hands down Ozzy’s best album.  People hold Randy Rhodes in such hi regard for two reasons, A, he was a talented guitarist and B, because he died so young and sudden.  It is the second reason that people will never accept Zakk Wylde as Ozzy’s greatest guitarist, but it is true.  Wicked takes a band that was formerly focused on higher ranged vocals and followed suit with up tempoed rhythms and squealing guitars.  All fine and beautiful, but it was the deep and dark sound of Wylde that truely complimented Ozzy for the best collaborator he would know.  Unfortunately his writing talents began to diminish quickly after the album and it is unfortunate that Ozzy had not met Wylde much earlier in his career.
  • Run DMC – Raising Hell – Ef the Grammy’s, while this is not their greatest album it is the most important.  Without Raising Hell Hip-Hop would maybe still be performed in secret and to little fanfare.  O.K. that is a bit of a stretch, but Run DMC made rap not only mainstream but socially acceptable with their push onto top 40 and mainstream radio.  No one in the industry under-values what the trio has done for the genre and that was clearly apparent after Jam Master Jay’s murder the out pouring of influential thanks from every corner of the music world.
  • Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son – (insert many Maiden albums here) Some of the greatest music from the heavy metal genre originated right out of East London.
  • As I Lay Dying – Shadows are Security – Once upon a time Metallica and Slayer were too heavy for the Grammy’s, so maybe they will recognize metal one day… in the metal category.  Frail Words Collapse is arguably a better album, but SaS is far more superior in production and execution.
  • August Burns Red – Home – The Grammy’s rarely recognize a live album and it is unfortunate because they have a far mor realistic sound without the overdubs and post production to clean up after inferior artists.  Home is a testament to the faith of one of the hardest bands in music.
  • Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction – Raise your hand if you are the one person in America who did not own the album and/or love the album.
  • Lionel Richie – Can’t Slow Down – Now Richie’s problems may not be the quality of his albums, but the quality of his competition in the 80’s.  Not easy to win against Michael Jackson, but this album was not up against Michael, atrocity.
  • INXS – Kick – U2 and R.E.M. garnered most of the notoriety in the 90’s college alternative craze, but INXS will go down with the most amazing single album
  • Back to the Future – Motion Picture Soundtrack – Every year there is a category of music inspired by a film.  Filled with cross-genre styles, real and fictional artists this album should have been recognized for “Power of Love” at the very least.  Bastards.

Everyone could name one-hundred great albums that awards committees have over looked, this is just a short list of 10 that were not even nominated.

Feel free to share your outrages and album snubs.

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