5 Things To Hope This 1/2 Season of Walking Dead Will Bring

We could cheat and read spoilers, but what fun is that?  Might as well read the last chapter of a mystery book first; or since we are talking t.v. world, introduce that one friend you have who has not watched LOST yet and let them watch the finale before the premiere.  Stop being a party pooper spoiler readers, enjoy the surprises.

If I was writing the show, or directing the story here are some ideas I would consider using to drive the storyline.

*Note: I do not read the comic, so my ideas may not flow with the storyline of the books, if they even do at this point.

5. Toss in some zombie collaborators, humans who sell out their own to gain a little wealth.  It happens in the modern world why not in Zombie-lanta.  Hating the zombies is fruitless, you can’t really have any anger at people who are not really at fault for what they do, give the viewers someone to really hate.

4. Find Morgan and Duane Jones.  Who?  You may not remember them by name, but the father and son who helped Rick when he first became free of the hospital. If the story is not fit for bringing them back at least hint they are alive and pursue them for Season 3.

3. Don’t kill Shane.  The internal jealousy and betrayal needs to stay to keep the show dramatic.  Kill him down the line to the series finale.

2. One story/episode from a zombie perspective.

1. Merle comes back and splits the group with an idea to fortify and hold down a skyscraper and rebuild some semblance of a stable life; Rick wants to continue to find answers and a cure.  He takes half the clan with him in the season finale.  Lori choses to take Carl and go with T-Dog while Rick and Daryl hold down the A-Team.  So many opportunities to create conflict between families.

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4 responses to “5 Things To Hope This 1/2 Season of Walking Dead Will Bring

  • chaos

    In the comic they do show a little glimpse of what happened to Morgan and Duane Jones after rick left. The producers of the show said they will do the same thing.

  • Obi Wan Canubi

    Thanks mang,

    I do have the comics d/l’ed, but I have never gotten to them. I almost don’t want to because I don’t want glimpses of the future.

    Premiere was great, Rick would have made the Outlaw Josey Wales proud on that quick-draw in the bar.

  • chaos

    I get what you are saying. The show and books are not completly identical. On the show there are characters that are still alive that are dead in the book and vice versa. Darryl and his bro aren’t even in the books at all. All the producers have said was that they will hit all the major plot points but they may take a diffrent route to get there. So I wouldn’t worry about reading the books and spoiling anything for the show. As a reader of the books for me half the fun is watching and wondering how they are going to point b from a.

  • Obi Wan Canubi

    Thanks for the advice, I will start reading them then. I did hear that they were different, I just figured it was identical character-wise and the differences were the “adventures” because sometimes it is difficult to adapt a comic world happenings, especially on what I am sure AMC has to work on a budget.

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