BOOK REVIEW: LZR:1143 Perspectives

If you asked me to review this book independently knowing nothing about it other than reading a story I would probably give this a 1 star rating and tell you it never tied together and had no right being published. But this is not a story, this is a written dossier on former humans taken by a zombie apocalypse and never meant to be taken as a story of sorts.

As we read LSR:1143 Infection or Evolution we as readers encounter the undead and they are nothing more than bullet fodder and aggressors to harm the living. We think nothing of it when they die, we may even breathe a sigh of relief. Perspectives is written to give the undead, or a few undead a meaning and character. A vision that they went fighting… or crying on the floor like Roy.

In a more advanced Kindle world sections of this book would be a great hyperlink-footnote when the said zombie is referenced and a history to his or her becoming is available. Unfortunately for right now you can just relive some lives in between books 2 and 3. The Walking Dead did a similar gimmick after season one of the show with webisodes featuring Hannah the girl Rick Grimes returns to shoot at the conclusion of the first episode.

The stories are not all that interesting or grand with the exception of the final chapter “the Sniper.” Though in “the Fry Cook” Bryan James had a nice little excerpt on the feeling of becoming a zombie as Doreen is bitten.

If you are expecting a fully developed story going into this book you are going to find yourself closing your Kindle and hitting [delete]. If you are reading this as a supplement to Infection you will enjoy and respect the characters just a bit more.

I would give this a 3 1/2 if you have read either of the two LZR series or maybe even play to read them.

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