Tron: Legacy

This afternoon we had a visit from the In-Laws, now I actually enjoy the company of my sister-in-law but to be in a room with 4 women is far too much estrogen and hen talk for me, so I retreated to the lair for a movie that would guarantee me so peace and quiet.  I fired up Netflix and went straight into sci-fi searching for a film that I knew would only interest me.



I always thought the first film was cleaver in that 1980s-check-out-these effects kind of way, but the story never held me.  I gave this one a shot thinking I would just be getting the same boring tale with updated effects, wow, wrong.

Tron: Legacy knocked it out of the park.

I am normally against anything with Jeff Bridges, his very heavy nasal exhaling while he talks drives me bonkers, and this film starred him twice.  Recipe for disaster normally but this film was that good that I could over look it.  Then you go and add Gem and Quorra and this movie made me forget everything I dislike about Bridges.

The movie had an amazing story, forget that they tried to get all philosophical, and the effects that were cool but outdated in Tron were updated to appear as they probably appeared in Steven Lisberger’s mind in 1981.

I don’t want to get much into the story, just that what I tried to use as a way to pass 2 hours, became 2 hours of unexpected movie viewing.

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