When Aliens Attack

First Contact.

Are they friendly?

Are they foe?

We can only hope that extraterrestrial beings come to Earth and help bring peace and solve our most inhumane problems of starvation, violence and suffering.

That would be wonderful, but happiness and beauty in alien contact rarely attracts viewers.

Alien invasion on the other hand…

National Geographic brings up 2 wonderful hours of speculative, simulated alien contact and potential invasion on Earth and of course our nation.

They raise question on how contact would progress and how it may bring forth attack.  How would we respond?  Can we take on an enemy that has superior weaponry and technology?

NatGeo also questions what plans the US an other countries may already have brainstormed and crisis planned.  Can we withstand the as NatGeo calls it “the alien version of Shock and Awe.”

While the content is 100% scientifically accurate and non-speculative, NatGeo chooses to use some pretty decent CGI and FX rather than E.T. actors based on their high-end salary.  But in all honesty what NatGeo uses in CGI is equal to what we called stunning in 1996.  While that may sound like ancient times, for a low-budget documentary to use similar FX to create a fairly awesome display that just a decade ago would have cost 100 million and 2 years of ILMs time.  Thanks to the ease of CGI software what was once a billion dollar franchise can now be your average documentary.

As the days, months and years progress Nat Geo proposes and hypothesizes some questions:

What will you need to survive?

Where will you live?

How will you die?

While 90% of society will die in the initial attacks, watching this may move you from poor “stand in extra” unpaid victim to big budget movie star survivor.  Believe in aliens or not now, this documentary could one day save your life!

Hold on, there is a knock on my door.

Who are these men with the white coats?

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