UFC on FOX 1: The Day After

So UFC’s debut was pretty much a bust huh?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  It was exactly what America needed.

Now, in my own preference UFC should have aired Henderson v Guida also, but I can see why they chose to be cautious.  What America did not need was a slow drawn out technical match on the ground.  With two fighters like Ben and Clay that fight had tons of potential to be a grapplers specialty.  They did not need first time viewers turning it away getting bored for the big fight.

What Dana White needed was a fast, brutal and fully engaging fight and that is what Cain v dos Santos offered.  They needed to go right to the main event for America if it was going to win America.  Now my thought is they could have used that post fight time to air what was this years best all-around fight.  But they chose to cover the post fight and give Brock airtime.  In all honesty, the new fans want Brock’s face time.  Some day when they understand the game they to can realize that Brock is a pitchman not a true contender.

New Champ Junior dos Santos’s win was unexpected, but not surprising.  He had all the talent to go in there and win a fight, both men did.  The only part of the fight that was surprising is the time fashion he was able to accomplish his devistating win.  But this is why people love the heavy weights, a fight can be over with one well placed hit at any moment.  I look forward to dos Santos getting healthy and taking Brock apart.

Henderson v Guida aired earlier on Facespace was just amazing, neither was afraid to engage and they look they went into that fight with energy to say, “Hey Dana, are you sorry you didn’t put this on FOX?”  Both men are professionals, but they looked like they were having too much fun.  Engaging, fast, and intense everything the lower weight classes bring us.

Guida took everything that Henderson could offer and defended his back well.  In fact he almost got the submission near the end himself but a quick and wirey Henderson slipped from his grip.  Guida is a great fighter, one of my favorites, but I think Hendo has everything it takes to unseat Edgar.

Looking forward to Japan.

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