The Gotham Chronicles v2.47

This week, even without a Detective Comics issue is a great week, and many great issues overshadowed the very minor poor productions.

As Mr. Haley said, let’s get down “to the heart of it.” Nightwing was awesome, while not overly exciting it just set up a killer story that has Dick Grayson hunted for his past and will bring him back to his childhood and finally explain what brought down his family.

Nightwing takes on a hitman who has obviously read too much of Marvel Comics, but somehow got ahold of Nightwing’s Origins issue and knows more than an enemy should about the Original Robin of Gotham.  Clearly the story is going to delve into what caused the murder of the Flying Graysons, but I am also hoping with the gifts that the son is about to have bequeathed to him bring him an independent place.  My first thoughts on the warehouse were all the toys stored away and that the Batcave has much of the same artifacts randomly lying around… could this be his future home?

In the one-on-one fight sequences I also see some interesting comparisons to Nightwing’s suit particularly in the arm gauntlets and boot design of his pursuer, I question if there will be a connection between the two foes.  We will see.  Great story direction with some good art, my only gripe would be the absolutely horrible cover design.

So I need to take back something from Issue One of Batman that I felt hurt the book, I said the art was marginal and less than expected quality for a high-end title.  It really does have that feel of a lower production indy comic, but it really grew on me  this issue.  The simple lines, less detail and soft colors are very easy on the eyes and you tend to focus more on the story then the art, and for the complexity of what they are bringing out it makes the book less confusing.

Bat-two begins the journey into exploring Gotham’s secret society, the Court of Owls; the Knight’s Templar to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  While history and folklore are something usually left to an Elsewolds title, this will work.  I also think this may be a storyline as cherished as Hush when this is all said and done if they play this out to its potential.

Both Batman and Nightwing laid the seeds to tremendous storylines, and while the Nightwing/Grayson history will be great, I can see the Court of Owls being so deep and rich with hundreds of years of influence on Gotham to really give a new avenue of intrigue into an already vast history.  While Dan Brown lost out on a great opportunity putting so much time between the Divinci Code and it continuation, a month-to-month mystery could stay fresh for a year and beyond.  Detectives love mystery and Batman just found a mystery he has never investigated.

While Catwoman was a 3 or 4 out of 10 last week and did not open much better for issue number 2, the book actually came to a close with some potential for improvement.  While I don’t think that Catwoman is an independent enough character for her own title, I would have been more open to a mini run with this storyline.

But a curious question, if Bruce Wayne revealed himself to Selina during the Hush storyline, why does he wear his cowl while they make love?  Now if this is a history that was wiped clean DC and the writers may want to somehow work that detail in because Bruce/Batman looks like a total jackass not making the effort to remove a bat-hood.  Unless she is into that, no judgement there.

So not to end on a sour note I saved Red Hood and the Outlaws for last.  This issue can now shut up the fanboys upset over Starfire’s sex addiction at least for one issue.  Shot Through the Heart gives the title the direction issue uno lacked and lets Jason Todd show us where he will take this story if given free rein and little conscience.   I must say, if they gave Starfire the sex last month, they should have really given Jason some rebound with Suzie Su instead of just a tease… would have been “mountains” of material for the fanboards.

How do you explain ADHD to someone?

Hand them Volume 2, Issue 1 of Batman: Odyssey and they will understand.  Not only does the book jump from topic to topic, it never explains the scene you are moving to before it is over.  Imagine channel surfing at 3am and then trying to write a synopsis of the shows you passed.  Utter confusion.

The only saving grace of Odyssey was a teaser preview to Batman: Noel a retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol… Batman-style.  Lee Bermejo scribes and pencils a classic   tale putting Batman in the shoes of Ebenezer Scrooge to confront his past, present and future self.  The preview only gives you a handful of introduction pages, but looks like it will be to Christmas what the Long Halloween is to October.

Happy Reading!

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