Resurrection Man Resurrected

Ya, cheesy title, but if you know the story it is right out of a B-script that should have been featured on the Outer Limits.  The first time I was introduced to the Resurrection Man was 1999 during the #1,000,000 issue runs that put DC heroes far into the future.

Mitch Shelly is:  One part 80’s horror feature – He just keeps coming back.  And one part Regarding Henry – He can’t remember his life before the accident.  He travels the world trying to find his identity and who he was while avoiding those that pursue him.  Think Matrix and Agent Smith, but without the suits.

Spoilers for Issue #1, Issue #2 unspoiled.

Issue #1 of R.M. starts fairly abrupt with little explanation, maybe it is best that the reader is as confused as Mitch, it adds a je ne sais quoi that parallels the story and the reader and keeps them inline as the series progresses.  While much of the debut has Mitch on a plane traveling from the morgue of his most recent death to Portland where he is compelled to go for an unknown reason.

Mitch finds his seating companion interesting, and the bearer of an interesting tear drop tattoo… that is until she grows into some sort of  praying mantis demon and tries to kill not only Mitch for beating death, but takes the entire plane down as part of their already doomed fate.   As Mitch falls from the plane he is sucked through the engine killing him and soon giving him the ability to become liquid.

As the story arcs we see the vixen killers in the morgue tormenting and killing the workers for answers looking for a John Doe that they suspect is their prize acquisition.  As they interrogate each of the medical examiners, the “tear drop” has now shifted to blend in with rescue workers at the crash site and notifies it’s boss he is headed for Portland with the closing line, “I know how much you guys upstairs want him …plus I think the basement office is interested.”

Issue #2 brings us to the Care Center of Mitch’s recently deceased father, recent if you are just finding out, one year if you are in the ground.

While I am not sure, I believe the Body Doubles are representing the interests to claim his soul for Hell and the shape-shifter, though responsible for the death of the plane is representing the interests of Heaven.  My assumption is the plane was doomed for peril, so death has no issue with how the plane goes down as long as the souls are claimed on schedule.

While neither book really move all that well, nor does it create a need to keep reading I think the book has tremendous upwards potential with the use of a normal person in a hero role without the traditional story or training that makes them “super.”

I am a little less concerned about the weak story in a new book, then say an established title.  Many great films have had a slow start putting all the pawns for knowledge in place for a face paced story that does not need to constantly break for backstory that has already been explained.  I would be nice to see this story dive into the occult and a struggle between Heaven and Hell rather than a traditional hero-helper tale.

And it would be nice to see the Transhuman take shape as a character, how great would an elderly superhero/villain be for P.R. with the AARP, think of the tie-ins!

While the art was slightly below average, the coloring was above to balance it out and give it a fairly nice presentation, and the overlay cells really helps you ignore the art work and enjoy the book.  While I like the book, it may be worth waiting to see the story progress and pick it up as a trade as the read is fairly quick and a fast progression somewhere may make the story much more enjoyable.

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