The Gotham Chronicles v2.41

Last issue of Batman and Robin I voiced a lot of discontent for Damian as Robin and how his attitude and parallels to Batman and their deep pit of hatred, and difficulty with positive emotion.  Number 2 is one of those “After School Special” issues with limited action and a strong focus on character struggles, for a guy like myself who studied psychology in college it is interesting to see the writers dig into more than the surface of the subjects.

Alfred, always the fatherly figure is working as hard on Bruce as Bruce is trying to develop Damian.  It is interesting to see how far Bruce still has to go before he could actually begin to make strides in his own life before he can begin to, as he puts it, “heal” Damian.  The ending sort of reminds me of Twin Peaks with its odd and put of place setting that just happens out of nowhere.

Issue #2 went a long way to improving my opinion of the title and I really actually want to see where they take this relationship.

Across town Barbara Gordon was having a different conflict, hers was internal as she was having trouble adjusting back to life not only walking, but as Batgirl.  Facing off with the mirror as her first true test she faces her physical limitations of being out of practice, but also battles her own mental state when she froze up last issue when face-to-face with a gun.

While the issue goes stale in the middle to let Babs rest and date her physical therapist, it drives to a cliffhanger with discovery of the Mirror’s identity and realization of his true intentions and next plot.  But her biggest issue right now might be her new roommate who is already suspicious that something is not quite right in her life.

Similar name, and sometimes confused, Batwoman is starting to be the old deli meat in the fridge; it still looks good, but it makes you a little sick when you eat it.

While the book looks great it is a shame they are wasting their efforts on such great art and bad content.  J.H. Williams was making a great book when he was paired with the writing efforts of Greg Rucka.  But now that he has directive story duties along with leading the art the story really suffered in the second installment.  While the first book was not that great plot-wise, the second really showed no improvement and the hope that it will improve is fading fast.

The ghostly imagery and the stunning layouts are probably the only reason I may keep peaking in to see if the story improves.

Another gripe is the use of Betty, why take a former Titan in Flamebird and treat her like a fresh-yellow novice as a sidekick.  Not only that demote her so low that her uniform is literally a janitors jumper with a burglar mask.  The minimization of her status makes her little more than a token henchman of the supervillans where they all look and act the same.

And trying to outdo the Batwoman, at least for an issue, is the Suicide Squad.  For a group set forth by the government to be a deniable asset and battle or remove those threats that politically would be frowned upon, how in the name of Jor-el did they end up fighting the undead.

The leader of a hostile nation needs to “disappear.” Suicide Squad.

A shipment of weapons needs to make it to a revolutionary group.  Suicide Squad.

A VIP needs a deadboy to turn up in his mansion.  Suicide Squad.

A band of Zombies takes over a football stadium and threatens innocent people.  Suicide Squad?  Really?  Can’t this be left to the regular heroes, why are homicidal villains needed to handle walking-corpses?

The book “Jumped the King Shark” in it first mission, how bad a future tempo it has set.

The best thing to come out of DC Comics this week was collected set of Tony Daniel’s Batman compelling issues 692-699 and Batman with the help of some of his favorite ladies takes on a rising crime boss who brings havoc on Gotham.

If you have a kiddie pick up Jr DC’s Batgirl as the Tiny Heroes take over the Batcave and run-amuck.  My son is 3-years old and the Tiny Titans is an adorable and positive line to introduce your little future reader to the world of superheroes.

UP NEXT: Batman: Blink, Birds of Prey: Death of Oracle, and Brave and the Bold #12

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