The Gotham Chronicles v2.2

Wow, I am speechless.

Still reading? Sorry I was trying to digest The Penguin: Pain & Prejudice Part 1.

Do you remember the movie Big when Josh Baskin is brainstorming about the faux-transformer that went from building to robot?  He went on to complain how utterly useless it was, I had similar views on the Penguin.  For a supervillian he always came off as pathetic.  How can anyone fear a little fat and slow-moving bitter man? Well I will tell you, read Gregg Hurwitz tale on the Birdman, he is more than a late in life Marlon Brando.

While I was not overly impressed by Szymon Kudranski’s art, sort of reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock cast in the role, its color tones were spot-on.

Hurwitz has you feeling pity and brings you to an understanding of how Cobblepot became so evil, the body count falls on society in this tale.  His bullying and torment took a loved child and turned him into a vengeful man who still only wants to keep the one person in life who matters happy.

It is a shame that a book so perfect is in short run, when a book like Batwing is a series.  In the past I might have put the Penguin at the bottom of my favorite villains, this story alone has earned my respect and moved him right into the mix of the greats.

Trying not to be overshadowed by a villain, the Huntress in her own mini-run.  The hero without a

home travels to Italy to presumably disrupt a contraband shipment meant for Gotham, only a simple situation, for a superhero, turns into something much deeper.

All to often writers pit heroes against crimes of violence and money; foiling assassinations, robberies, jailbreaks,and terrorist attacks.  But everyday in society there are true horrors that rarely get addressed, something a real hero could really do to make the world a better place.  While the arc line is revealed in the opening moments it is better you learn the course of her troubles as they are revealed to the Huntress.

Paul Levitz puts action and adventure into a tale not so far from true life into the hands of readers.  Just one issue of a 5 or 6 issue run has me hooked and waiting for #2.  The art team of Marcus To and John Dell do a great job with the art, not to flashy, straight forward superhero style art that is easy on the eye.

While some have disagreed with me, o.k. a lot have disagreed, I love Detective #1 and the ending just had me surprised, I love the insanity in the Joker and his plot to put himself in Arham for a wild procedure, just the imagery I needed for a reboot to sit well with me.

Detective #2 delivered a great follow up and brought an interesting new playpal into the mix introducing the Dollmaker who has a surprise for Batman wrapped in a pretty little bow that looks a bit like someone he may care for deeply.

Next up:  Batgirl, B&R and Batwoman

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