The Gotham Chronicles Update v1.2

Red Hood and the Outlaws
I will either really liked this book or really hate this book.

First let me vent.  I can’t tell if the Red Hood is a great invention or absolutely the worst.  On one hand, dead is dead and if you are going to kill people off, stop bringing them back.  On the other, the whole Pet Semitary-Effect of a more evil and sinister rebirth is interesting and works.

The idea of a “cross the line into criminal almost villainish” group of Outlaws is compelling to read.  Watching a character that has no line for morality and wondering if they are essentially good or bad is always a discussion type book.  Jason Todd who is grey leaning towards darkness pairs with Arsenal who I really think tries to be a good guy, but is reckless and Starfire who as an alien does not see any value in humanlife I would say is the farthest into the evil spectrum even if the intent is not really there to do harm, but without a conscience she is the true definition of a sociopath.

The concept of the book in the prologue is gripping, but slowly delves into trash towards the middle where it borders on comic porn.  Starfire is in a relationship with Jason Todd, but she sees it only as sexual.  Arsenal is attracted to her and she offers to pleasure him as Jason means nothing to her… straight out of Beverly Hills 90210 and into the comics.

The book will be great if they keep the title similar to the first chapter of the debut, and could travel right into amazing if as I hope DC continues to introduce more Outsiders and brings them right into this crew, in case you were not a fan, Arsenal and Starfire both served in the Outsiders for a period of time.

Batgirl was a solid book, I am not sure I am sold on this whole healing arc that happened.  The Orical was a great story of resurgence and having someone so damaged find a way to be a superhero of sorts.

That said, it also washed the awesome Brave and the Bold #33’s efforts right down the tubes, one of the best individual issues to come out of 2010.

For the first issue I was pleased and will consider this an issue-to-issue possibility to keep on my script.

Now this book has me thinking they just hired Guillem March to draw a book to sell to lonely men.  Seriously.  First off Catwoman spends 80% of the issue in half attire, 10% engaged in sex and another 10% trying to find the clothes she is not wearing.

This book will go right into the gutter if it is nothing more than an excuse to draw real slutty imagery.  FTR I can’t imagine Winick would take that root, I hope not, I have tremendous respect for him as he has done some great work in the past with Batman and also the reboot of the Oustsiders.  After all, he is the writer and he controls what March ultimately draws.

Reading books for school was sometimes an incontinent because it was homework, but sometimes the book was actually enjoyable, it was the report and assignment that made it tough. But every once in a while there was something so horrible you needed to force yourself to read, that would have been Batwing if I got past page 3.


Just horrible.

I won’t put this one on Judd Winick because I didn’t read the story, I couldn’t. The art was terrible, now flame me if you must, I invite the constructive criticism and would love to debate the issue. I can not stomach realism in comic art. I have never been able to read Kingdom Come or anything with Alex Ross-like artistry for that reason.

I will try to stomach through it again down the road.

Suicide Squad
You start to think at first, would the US Government ever really put a terrorist in a position of power? Why not they have done it before and over and over again in the Middle East. Everytime we overthrow a dictator the person we stick into power seems to be just as bad and if not worse. Osama, Saddam, Gaddafi, Noriega, and Pinochet all aided by the US forces to take their Countries by force, so yes, murderers doing black ops is even closer to reality than a flying farmboy.

Think how Batman feels, not only does Arkham have the worst security ever, the Government busts them out to send them across the World on assassin missions and then commutes their sentence.

Deadshot is one of the best minor villains, and Harley is always a pleasure, I think she might be even more psychotic than Joker sometimes.

While the situation sucks for heroes that keep catching the criminals, the book is nothing but pure gold… always has been. I question if TNT or TBS execs read this before thinking up Breakout Kings, good show, but pure S.S. rip-off.

The story is fairly contradictory, it only seems to glorify villains who would normally sell out their own mothers for freedom, as trustful misguided assets. I really could have gone without the test arc the offered up, but the art by Marco Rudy was top-notch.

definitely the best book in this second bunch.

Teen Titans
If there is a book that has always bothered me it is the Teen Titans, why give a bunch of sidekicks a crew, it is like an all-star game for bench players. Tim Drake has paid his dues, I hate to admit it but I use to enjoy the Robin monthly and minis done by Chuck Dixon one of my top 5 all-time writers. I would prefer a Red Robin book over this gang of underachievers joining Drake.

Scott Lobdell’s imagination for diverse character’s is nice, but with his hand in the solo-Superboy comic and the enthusiasm is the final moments of issue #1 have me assuming this book will be all about him. Superboy and Robin (Damian Wayne) should start their own team called The Most Selfish and Egotisticly Annoying Heroes in America. Born of great genes they unfortunately grew up in DC-Land because Uncle Ben was never able to utter “with great power comes great responsibility” in their youth.

Very much like the previous 30-years of the title a lot of immaturity and fooling around ensues and they get the job done. The biggest issue I have with Drake in the title is when they cast Drake or Grayson in the lead role of the Titans they always make them the “father-figure” and far more serious than they tend to be solo.

Justice League International
Much like the Teen Titans only a bit more mature and less humor.

Justice League
Yep that seals the deal… Gotham Chronicles needs to stay in the Gotham Citylimits, I felt like the JLA’s were a chore to read.

Beginning in volume 2 or the #2s I will start to make this more of a column and less of an itemized list once I find my voice and they are not so clumped in with 12 titles, I will try to make the updates weekly or every two as material makes itself available.

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