Steve, You Will Be Missed

People don’t come here for breaking news, why would you, comics don’t break they rip.  So by now you know the news, you know Apple and Pixar have lost a leader and the world has lost an innovator and minimizer of buttons.

Let me twll you what the World would be like without Steve Jobs.

You would not have a smartphone, you would be using a non-web phone like your grandmother has only taking calls from you mom about dinner being ready at 6pm.  Sure the Blackberry is older than the iPhone but the Blackberry predated the iPhone by nearly 10 years and no one cared in 1999. Why?

Because the old gen Blackberry phones were boring and geared towards stockbrokers who needed to hit emails from the streets.

Your desktop would still be running DOS. Why?

Apple’s interface may not have innovated the OS, but it pressured Windows and Apple to continue to progress the OS of their systems to keep their users from leaving.

You probably would not have an MP3 player, let alone an iPod. Why?

Apple made the MP3 player not only marketable, but useable and almost essential. A few companies tried to develop the mini disc but it never took off, and they didn’t hold much more then a CD, they just skipped a bit less. The iPod made music libraries portable and usable in the gym.

You would still be watching crappy animation. Why?

Pixar changed the way we watch animation. Steve Jobs did not invent the technology but he was highly involved with Pixar’s development and financial backing.

Face it, without jobs your techlife would be bland and full of buttons. I don’t own one Apple product, but I have a Droid, an Alienware Laptop, and a downloaded music library because of Steve Job.

Thank you for changing technology Mr. Jobs your influence is everywhere.

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