Aliens Among Us?

Just over a decade ago John Saul wrote a great book titled “The Presence,” I won’t completely ruin it for you if you have not read the story yet but frankly if it has taken you this long to even consider reading it then I believe I have no obligation to really hold back on spoilers.  “The Presence” dealt with the always controversial topic of where did humans came from and would greatly anger both sides of the creationism and Darwinism arguments.

Saul wrote a fiction novel, but more and more every day it is looking like a prophecy on one end of the mirror than a tall tale of suspense and intrigue.  What follows are my thoughts, mixed in with a strong inspiration on what I consider on of my all-time favorite novels because without that book I probably… no check that, I would never have thought of this on my own.

How have we become such a diverse and independent creature on a planet filled with such similarities?  Saul wrote that we were nothing but aliens sent to this world on the hind end of a filthy meteorite.

Why would a society drop its evolving DNA and ship itself to another planet?  Is it because their misuse of non-renewable resources had destroyed their planet?  Overpopulation?  War?  Poverty?

Sound familiar.  It should, it is our home… Earth.

We are approaching a point where we are destroying our own home for short-term gain of financial separation of the elite rich and the “just getting by.”  Imagine living in a home and slowly pulling out pieces of the foundation for wood to fuel the fireplace, sooner or later your home will collapse around you and you will be left in the cold.  That is essentially what we are doing to the Earth everyday, a little bit will go unnoticed how about a string of “little bits” it turns into a whole lot of bit.

When we get to the point where air is unbreathable, trees are a tourist attraction due to their scarcity and our water looks like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Stream will we consider chopping down our DNA into a renewable genome that we can send off to a foreign world in an attempt to save the human race.  Lets face it, packing everyone onto a ship like the passengers on Wall-E is a bit outlandish and expensive, the corporations will be more than happy to save the overhead and let us die out.

But the scientists, they are different, they will likely step up and save our species when it comes down to an ethical dilemma of extinction.  Science without corporate backing will act on the behalf of mankind and rocket our chromosone-asses across the galaxy for a millenia to be preserved on a planet with a sustainable atmosphere (we hope).

Maybe we will re-evolve the same as we are now with 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 eyes and a heart.  Or maybe we could evolve more like the platypus and be a Shepard’s Pie of mammals.  A blowhole would be nice.

The irony is the ancestors of our lineage will be refugee migrants on a foreign land and probably treated as we treat the immigrants in America.

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