Please Do Not Mess With Our Vets

Not only should anyone who has ever served in the Armed Forces deserve respect, anyone who has a veteran status should walk the streets a hero.  Vets decide to enlist years of his life to defend people he or she does not know, and some give their life.  This bone head in the video below decided to be an ass and try to push his way into the home of a Vet at home with his wife and 22-month old child.

Jason Smith (black shirt) shows incredible patience and restraint trying to defuse the situation without violence until Les Andrews (punk) tries one too many times to push his way into their Merseyside home.

Andrews was arrested and demanded an apology from Smith because he has faced incredible embarrassment after the video hit local news, Facebook pages dedicated in the ex-soldiers honor and youtube blew up with support for Smith.

Before anyone comments, yes I know he is a U.K. Vet, but a Vet is a Vet and should be respected in any country.  ‘Long live the Queen.”  Y.N.W.A.

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