Batman #1 (2011)

So if the first issue of Detective Batman was a perfect 10 than judging against greatness, Batman Comics was a 7, and the only thing holding it back from also getting a 10 was it’s somewhat confusing nature.

Detective was a bit irritating only in the sense that you are unsure where batman is and what his history contains, but it is very early that much was clear.  But Batman One was all over the place, Dick was Nightwing, Damien was Robin, Drake was Red Robin.  Reference was made to the Teen Titans and we can almost assume Todd was killed.  But what history is there intact?  If it is all there then why reboot?  DC you are killing me with your games.

A questionable reboot aside let’s just look at it as a book.  It was solid and it ended with some great questions that I won’t spill.

The art was not as good as Detective, but the story (confusing nature aside) was a great introduction to a coming story arch that seems to be a fairly recent rehash with some new names attached, but always interesting none the less.

It is nice to see that what ever happened in the DCU that Batman’s dark humor is still intact in the new writer’s head.  Batman sends Nightwing undercover to Arkham as an inmate and he comments when questioned why he left him captive longer than planned that he felt he had been working to hard and needed a vacation.

Now if you are not finding the humor in that I would ask, “Honey, why are you reading my blog posts about Batman?”  And yes I had time to finish this because the laundry is folded and put away.  (Married humor, ignore it.)

In the future my DC updates will just be consolidated by a months worth of books and not individual stories.

Happy reading!

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