Fall T.V.: Returning Favorites (Sitcom & Drama)

Keep in mind sometimes a favorite is not really a favorite, but one of those shows you watch because you can’t help yourself.  Don’t worry Jersey Shore did not make the list, and nor will it ever.

The Big Bang Theory

The mecca of prime time right now, hands down and don’t argue.

4 brilliant geeks live across from a hot chick with career problems.  Ok, only 2 of the geeks actually live there, but 2 spend enough time there that Sheldon should have them bound by the “Roommate Agreement.”  Some shows could just work no matter what changes they made, Seinfeld, Friends, Cosby, Law & Order, and X-Files to name a few.  This show is definitely up there, not that drastic changes have ever set in, but the relationship and break up of two main characters worked.  But in a season or two it would be great to see Sheldon lose his job (again) but this time end up working fast food or a convenience store to make ends meet.

If you are the small percentage of people who have yet to discover TBBT then you should definitely clear your schedule to make some time.  Right now there is only one show I don’t miss… could be two, but right now this is the only show on t.v. I need to see.

Rating A+++

Law & Order: SVU

So I hated the Det. Stabler character, all the other characters were great but his “holier then thou” and “do as I say, not as I do” attitude with some self-loathing in there was enough to make me rarely want to watch.  I am not holding his breath that he is gone and this show could go two ways.  If the two new detectives take the helm and lead the show there is about a 2% chance I continue to watch.  You can just see how the excitement leaves the room for either.  I am judging Kelly Giddish on one episode and Danny Pino on his performance on Cold Case.  It appears the Benson role is taking a step back, so maybe Fin could half pair with Olivia and Munch as the main investigators.  That I would watch, Ice-T and Richard Belzer carried that show in my opinion.

Dick Wolf has given us some great cops over the years with Lennie Briscoe, Bobby Goren, Ed Green and I would say Kevin Bernard but we barely got to know him.  Finn matches up as well as any of them.  Anyone who wants to put  John Munch in the list, he is not a L&O creation the character was taken from Homicide.

Rating with Ice-T in main role B-/A- (depending on partner)

Rating with Frik and Frak in the main slot F-

Two and a Half Men

Now let me first say this is one of those shows that could be in the middle of favs and can’t stop watching.  I hardly watched Season 7, then Season 8 kicked off and things were getting better until the Charlie Sheen turmoil took the show right off the air.  The decline of the show was giving Charlie a fiancée, the show was built around his whoring and acting like what we believe is his real life persona.  Now with his tragic train accident there is no return… ya right.  Anyways, this is not about what the show was, it is about what is on Monday Nights.  Well, unless you are watching the syndication and then I will just tell you that you’re in the wrong place.  Enough dribble, Ashton Kutcher is not bad.  I fully didn’t plan on liking him, but his miserable loser self with such Charlie potential is actually funny.  Let’s see how the show plays out.  But they need to work on Alan, 7 seasons of a complete loser mooch is getting repetitive, even George Costanza eventually got a job and his own place.

Rating C/C+


I couldn’t tell you, I stopped watching it in 2009 after it got even more repetitive then usual.  For 3 seasons the show was awesome, but only so often can someone come into the hospital with a ultrarare disease only to be saved by Dr. House.  Makes you think they should investigate N.J., because if that many rare diseases are finding their way to his hospital someone is poisoning the residents of the Garden State.

Rating D

Body of Proof

I could have actually put this in “new” because I did not even know about the show this year.  Sort of like a cross between CSI and Law & Order meets House.  A forensic doctor in a police lab has a keen eye for spotting minor details and a knack for interrogation and undercover work.  Sort of like 3 shows all cast into SuperCop.

Rating C+


I have to be honest, this is not really a Fall show, it has a winter and summer half seasons but it should be.  Right now the show is on mid-season break and will usually return in November or December.  This is a semi-P.I. show on TNT that follows a group of crooks turned Robin Hood.  They tend to run some elaborate con on a “bad guy” and take everything he has for a person done wrong.   The show excels when it just focuses on the week to week con.  Season 3 and their cat and mouse with Moreau a rival seemed to really take the show away from the Robin Hood aspect and make it more self-serving attention.  After Season 2 I would have said this was an A- show,  Season 3 brought it down to a C, and Season 4 has been great with the 6 or so episodes so far and clearly repairing any damage done.

Rating B+

Breakout Kings

Like Leverage, B.K. is not a true fall show.  The cable channels seem to do this so not to match up against network channels and big budget advertising.  The top shows on cable are great and could be up against the networks, but having an offseason fresh show is nice.

 Thanks for some great years Rescue Me

Dennis Leary did not start it, but Rescue Me sure did help drama on the cable channels.  And Breakout Kings is a solid show, I may not watch it or like it so much in the heat of battle with Fall t.v but the far from reality plot of cons leaving prison to catch fugitives is a bit wacky.  But the beauty of a series is the originality you can cook up.  Worth the look.

Rating C+

Melissa & Joey

Laugh go ahead.  Done?  Oh I’ll wait.  Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart are funny, this show is funny.  It would have tremendous ratings if guys could admit the like the show and give it a shot.  It’s light humor is a flashback to 80s-90s Family Prime Time shows like Full House, Cosby, Hogan Family, etc.  The show while nostalgic for today’s comedy is a good change of pace to the more sexualized and crude humor, don’t misread this, I like sex and vulgarity, but something different in the menu is always a treat.  For all the years of not liking Blossom I think Joey had me won over in 5 minutes, and MJH… well I always had a crush on that woman.

Rating A

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This show has more ups and downs then a roller coaster.  For every really great episode there are 4 horrible ones and a mediocre.  To paraphrase Forrest Gump If tv is a box of chocolates this show has a lot of coconut fillings in the box and to few toffee.  If you like coconut, substitute it with something cause you still won’t like what they are selling.

When the show started Lucas said it would focus on the everyday person of the SW Universe, a clone trooper, a senator, maybe a minor jedi.  Well that didn’t last long because it is all about Anakin and at times Asoka and Obi Wan… sorry Lucas but we already know how Anakin’s story plays out, same with Obi Wan, why not give us something fresh because the suspense and intrigue is not there for a fate already written.

Rating C-

Falling Skies

I know, not a fall show, we have to wait till summer again, but I loved it so much I would share.  And this also gives you the chance to find the first season on FX reruns and catch up for next summer.

I thought I would be lost with the cancellation of V, then Steven Spielberg returned to glory, or should I say returned to form with Falling Skies.

Skipping right over the story of invasion that we have seen so many times and Spielberg himself has done himself he jumpped right into post recovery and revolution.  America and the world are fighting the invaders from extinction and enslavery and it is set on the grounds of the American Revolution… fitting.

The show does not showcase your typical invaders, in fact by seasons end we are not sure who our actual enemy is, including some of our own human race.  Great cast, fast paced and always leaving you with a question for next week.

There you have it.

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