Fall T.V.: Returning Favorites (Reality – Documentary)

Before you think you are going to find anything resembling Jersey Shore, Survivor or Big Brother (is that even still on?) I just want to point out not that style of reality.

Most of these shows are not in traditional Fall to Spring service but how do I make a list for shows that run nearly year round… so I added them with my fall preview.

Network t.v has grown lame over the years, some of the best programming you will find is aired randomly throughout the day and week all over cable, here is my playlist.


24 years, 971 episodes I want to see any creator envision a show that can hold interest longer than Cops.  Some weeks you get car chases, some weeks you get Mardi Gras, but every week you have people in cuffs.  Real cops every week showing why you are not a statistic, right now thank you law enforcement.

Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura

One of the best conspiracy shows ever.  While I don’t particularly believe every case the Governor put out there he made it damn entertaining.  Sure the show is slanted to get the results they want, but if you watch it with an open mind, not as a tool to research the underbelly of the Country, then you have a great show.

Ventura was a great choice in my opinion as a host for the show… though he may have pitched it, who knows.  Regardless he is believable and though controversial has never been seen as a typical politician.  I genuinely believe he is passionate about the truth in his show.  (He just might not always be right, but he is not lying.)

The Governor took us all over last year investigating Plum Island and genetic research, a bunker under the Denver Airport, Area 51 and some FEMA Camps… but the new aggressive patdowns at the airports were the last straw for Ventura.  He says unless they find alternate transportation to move him around without putting him in airports 2-3 times a week the Governor stated he will not be part of  “East Germany.”  I say buy him a jet.

If this show makes it back this is one of the best shows on t.v.

Haunted Collector

So this guy investigates your home and tells you that there is a haunted object that seems to be causing the ghost activity and offers to remove it and take it home.  Nice scam!!!!!  Unless it is 2 am and it is the only thing on, don’t bother.  I can’t stop watching because the guy is such a scam artist and I can’t wait to see what he “steals” next.


By now you know what the show is and why it is awesome.  These guys make you wish you applied yourself during science class.  Who else has the balls to test then theory of “Do women fart?”  Mythbusters that is who.

Ghost Hunters 

So 5 years ago or when ever this show started I really genuinely liked it.  They went in and did everything they could to show why different things were not hauntings, why it could be pipes, bad wiring etc.  Then ratings dipped and a few good pieces of video were caught/manufactured and the show just nose-dived into everything they criticized about “ghost hunting” in the early seasons.  Now the show is filled with, “I was just touched” and “I think I saw a shadow in the dark” and the place is haunted.

Paranormal State

Pretty sure it was cancelled, not sure if they have anything new still coming but this show needed to go.  More frauds than the G.H. crew with their psychics and mediums and their ping-pong balls.

Ghost Adventures

You are beginning to see a trend I am sure, but let me put this out there.  I don’t actually believe in hauntings, but I like watching them try.  I would buy into a possession before I believe a home is haunted.  Sure there are probably lost spirits or angels watching over us, but no ghost is closing doors, whispering in mics and moving objects when everything but a camera is looking.

This show is probably a bit more reliable than G.H. for believers, they tend to catch phenomena that for a skeptic is nothing real, more like contaminated noise, re-recorded voices or a bird caught as a heat signature, but does not seem to be manufactured.

Fact or Faked

Probably my favorite of the bunch. Why? Because the first 5-10 minutes are the review of viewer submitted video of ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoological finds and the occasional psychic.  The crap people try to pass off as real amazes me.  But then these guys go out to prove how this could be done or find what might make this seem real.

Ancient Aliens

I may not believe in Ghosts but I do believe in aliens.  How can you not, billions of stars with trillions of planets out there, somewhere someone is alive and smarter than us.  Not to say I believe every kook that makes a claim, but the probability to me lies on that we have been and always will be visited.

Sometimes this show looks into a true and questionable theory.  Who did the Egyptians out of the blue get building technology that never existed before and did not later… visitors?  I say likely.  Is it possible some things seen as visits from angels are passed on as such when they were UFOs?  I say possible.   They sometimes pose legitimate questions and at others pull at straws to fill an hour, regardless it is a good show for a believer or someone who wants to believe.

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded 

Meltzer is a great writer, he just does not belong on this show.   He is too mainstream to be fringe or upset the powers that be to have a conspiracy show.  I don’t think he buys into what he is selling and this is a paycheck, they probably tried to get Dan Brown, but he was too busy thinking he was going to be famous.

Peep and the Big Wide World

Now there is a show.  My son is 3 and this is one of his favorite shows.  Any parent that wants their kid to see a decent show while secretly enjoying it themselves should watch Peep.

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