DC Reboot or as DC is calling it “the New 52”

…Sounds like a Saturday Morning Cartoon ad. (I really hate it)

Let me just open up with a clear fence-walking statement.

While I am cautiously curious about the “New 52” project and I find so points of it a giant mistake, the return of Nightwing is completely worth it for me.

So DC still remains a bit tight-lipped about the project even following it’s launch, my guess is they don’t completely understand where it is going either. While I thought it was a complete wash and clean reboot like “Crisis on Infinite Earths” it seems to be more of a mid-season pickup on a t.v. series.

DC appears to have skipped over the “origins” and picked up as full-fledged, but sometimes still struggling to identify their innerselves-type superhero/villain.

The cons:
Unless they are going to clear this up the timeline is sketchy. I frankly didn’t want to re-read the origins…. AGAIN, but they are obviously referencing a timeline that we need to assume imports some of the previous DC Universe.

Example: In Issue 1 of Nightwing he states that he spent a year as Batman. Was Batman dead? Was his back broken?

Now it may turn into a Momento style fill in the blanks later and that is fine, but it leaves you wondering what to take with you from years of comic reading, or in some cases research.

The pros:

A clean slate.  Batwoman may not be shot, though she probably is or will be.  In any case the DC Universe was to complicated with deaths and resurrections, illegitimate kids, who hates who and who dated who.  Gives DC an opportunity to focus more on the superhero-story rather than the complicated and far-reaching spiderweb of soap opera drama.

DC sparked my interest enough for me to subscribe to 5 comics so far.

I hope this just does not turn out to be a year long storyline that will merge into crossover titles and reintroduction into the previous Universe.

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