Hello Readers!

Welcome 88mph to Roswell,

This not my first dip into blogging, in fact you can find me all of the interwebs, here are just a few:


I put R.A. into limbo this spring, I just felt dry with what I was doing, it went on for 3 years and it just needed to end, so if you were one of my 400 monthly readers… I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!
The Blogger blog was my very first attempt at blogging, but I just never liked Blogger’s interface so it basically morphed into R.A.
Tumblr just doesn’t do it for me.
Celtics 24/7 is where I wrote about the Celtics (obviously), but with the NBA season in hiatus I have nothing to write about and with every passing day I question loyalty to a sport and it’s player fighting litterally over billions while the Country we call home struggles in most every community.
Ahhh twitter, you can find me there all day long. My phone is usually on me and the simplistic communication at 140 characters is the best form of social media.
So enjoy!


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Geek, lover of Baseball, avid comic reader, Bruce Lee fan, follower of Jesus and last but Never least Dad and Husband. View all posts by Not Clark Kent

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