Tyler Was Right… What Else is New.

Fight Club is a wonderful movie and an even more amazing book, but in this day and age no one reads… let alone this blog.  Our eyes are so burned to the retina from tv’s, cellphones, kindles, and computers that the printed page is a dying species.  But I am not here to write about the extinction of print today.  Today is about what I just slide into your psyche… materialism and the obsession for brand names to better our status in life.

“We are consumers. We’re the bi-products of a lifestyle obsession.” -Tyler Durden (Screenplay)

Behind the fighting, blood, sex, death and swearing Fight Club is a deep movie with a moral message that we could all live by to make the world just a bit friendlier.

Why in a time when they say the world is in a recession do more people than ever own mobile phones and a growing percentage of that a smartphone?  I remember as a child cable was a luxury and I can’t ever remember that a person I knew had a cellphone.  But yes this is a different age and a different society, but is it reality, luxuries are now necessities.

I am not preaching from a golden pulpit I am as guilty as the next man.  I have the smartphone, no scratch that, I am fooled into believing that I NEED the smartphone, yet I still continue to own one.  God forbid I miss that email, not even miss it, but don’t respond within a timeline that should not be expected of even your best mate.

When did our society feel that everyone needed an iPhone?

Why does the single mom trying to raise 3 kids on her own stand in front of  me at the grocery store have food stamps, but also has 3 children with iPhones.  Apple is not the only company that is guilty of consumer brainwashing, but they have a nice little corner so I will pick on them.

If the economy is so fractured how can society put pressures on the common consumer to have phones with 79.99 talk plans, 15.00 text plans and a 30.00 web plan.  Is the society in such a position to give up their homes but keep their phones?

Forget about phones, how about accessories.

How often was it that you saw Coach, Prada, Burberry and LV before the millennium?  And the Grammy Awards is not an acceptable answer.  Difference is that it is not superstars carrying around these bags the world now believes that a high school teen needs a handbag that costs as much as a laptop computer.

What happened to simpler times before push up bras were marketed to tweens?  Thanks for that Abercrombie.  When did sexualizing a 10-year-old become chic?  When money became an ends.  Abercrombie would not sell teenie push-up/padded bras if our society would not buy them.  Sure we can act aghast and disgusted, but they had market research done that said this item would sell and it has been pulled, but somewhere, some focus group said it was a great idea.

If our world was not so controlled by material needs we would live in a much more rich society, ethically and financially.

Before you buy your annual iPhone upgrade for $500.00 ask yourself if there is a charity you can help.  I am not asking you to donate $500.00 to a charity, why would anyone ever do that when you could have an iPhone.  But I am asking if you could spare a few bucks to help a less fortunate person.  Look on the web, everyone in need has a website, google “5-year old boy with brain cancer in England” Jack Marshall’s family could use a few bucks.  If you can’t donate the $500.00 how about just 5% of a big purchase.  If you can afford 500.00 you can sure ask heck afford $25 more to give to a very sick boy.  If you are not sure that it is actually going to a boy’s family how about donating to Haiti, Japan or Joplin disaster relief?  If donating out of your Country is not your piece of pie then just walk out the door of any 7/11 and there should be a hungry and worse-off-the-you gentleman in sight.  Grassroots charity at home is where it should start.  Concerned where the person may spend your 25 bucks?  I am to, so you can always ask what they would like in the McDonald’s across the street and buy them lunch.  I just wasted 200-words on charity didn’t I?

The need for more is killing our golden rule.  The little guy is being stepped on, and not just by “the Man” but we are fooling ourselves into thinking our Gucci shoes, CK pants, Nautica button up, jacket and Armani glasses make us high society.  News for you, when you cross the street and get hit by the bus that you didn’t hear coming because you iPod is blaring Lady Gaga your fresh wardrobe is not getting you through any Golden Gates, it will be the selfless gesture of handing a burger and pop to the starving, or the elderly lady that you helped with the groceries.

I could quote Luke 12:15, but I am not sure that the New Testament has been converted to the iPad just yet, so I will leave you with yet another line from the screenplay.

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything.”

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