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Jack is a 5-year old boy in England with Cancer, I will let Jack Marshall’s website do all the talking:

Jack is 5 years old. He is a fun, caring boy with a fantastic sense of humour, who loves his friends and family very much. Three weeks after starting reception year at school he became ill. It started with him being sick in the early hours of the morning and within 4 weeks, after several visits to the doctors and the hospital and being told it was a “viral infection”, things worsened when he screamed out that “his legs won’t work”. Later that day, after much cajoling of doctors at the local hospital, a CT scan was performed and a sizeable tumour was discovered.

Jack had to be stabilised using strong steroids before being transferred immediately to the regional children’s hospital 50 miles away, in Sheffield. This was the beginning of an emotionally long, traumatic and often painful journey to where we are now…

For over a year he has had to endure gruelling treatment. He survived a 10 hour operation to remove the primary tumour, and then received 4 months of high strength chemotherapy followed by 4 weeks of (twice daily) complete head and spine radiotherapy. After a short break, he is again receiving chemotherapy, which is still ongoing. Jack has continued throughout this process with determination and a smile. However, his disease and treatment have left him with permanent “late effects”. Epilepsy, instability, memory problems and sickness are just some of the issues that affect him every single day. His brain and hormone system are known to have been permanently damaged by his treatment with the possibility of further damage having been caused to his heart and other internal organs which are as yet unknown.

The Jack Marshall Brain Tumour Fund has been set up to support Jack in any way that is required and also to raise awareness of Childhood Brain Tumours in the wider community, in order to help future sufferers and their families. Jack’s parents

We would like to inform you that the “Jack Marshall Brain Tumour Fund” is NOT a registered charity. This is a Fund set up for Jacks benefit to pay for treatment, equipment or anything else that he will need in the coming years. (A charity must be for public benefit. Whilst we aim to raise awareness of Childhood Brain Tumours, this does not legally constitute enough to allow us to register as a charity as, currently, Jack will be the main beneficiary of the funds raised.) We wish to assure you that every penny raised for this fund will be going towards Jacks treatment/equipment that he will need and that any money raised which is not spent on Jack will be used to raise awareness of childhood brain tumours and/or distributed to charities of our choice that are connected closely to Jack and his illness.

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Visit, Donate, Send a Message, just do something.

Godspeed Jack

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