How to Fail and Make a Fortune and Ruin Lives in the Process

So it should be ticking just past 6:00pm EST here on the East Coast of America and the Rapture is just taking place predictions came and went across the globe as the sun crossed each land and nothing happened. Really this should be a non-story because the End-of-the-World predictions happen every year and they rarely ever get noticed unless someone does something radical like organize a mass suicide.

Why was Harold Camping so successful at spreading his word? Why is this Rapture different?

As you may have noticed this end of days had press, publicity, word of mouth, and everyone seemed to know what was being predicted. Partly because of the internet, but partly because of the press in mainstream and exposure. Never has a prediction had billboards like Camping’s prediction. Why? Because Camping had followers across the land putting them up in every major metro area to get the word out.

Few seemed to believe his prediction, some even became mini entrepeneurs selling post-rapture pet care to the saved for $130 a head and made a nice penny. atheists held parties to laugh in Camping’s face, twitter was all day with great humor, late night hosts had a field day and the Rapture came and went.

One local church near the Camping HQ setup shop to help offer counsel and acceptance to the followers who feel let down and ashamed as they leave the flock. Frankly, this is the only genuinely nice thing that will come out of this, one human offering to help another human.

But people across the Globe anxiously sit by and wait while Camping prepares to look ashamed, red-faced and apologetic in the face of defeat-if you can call this a defeat.

On Monday, or maybe Sunday, hell maybe never Camping will once again take to the airwaves to speak on his syndicated show and either explain himself or say there was some mistake, but either way this will not affect Camping’s goal, he has already won.

Yes, he won.

Where do you think all the billboards came from, yes we are back on that topic. Donations. People did not just donate dollars to Camping, they gave life savings in hopes that they themselves would be saved and he had some connection to send them to Heaven, or they genuinely were bamboozled by him and believed his prediction and wanted to help spread the word. One way or another they sent money in truckloads.

How much you ask?

In 2011 alone he has received 18 million dollars to his tax-free church status. That is a lot of money, but nothing compared to the 104 million dollars he has amassed over the past decade spreading the word of his salvation.

104 million dollars is 104 million reasons he is not one bit ashamed of his mishap. He embarrassed himself for a fortune, people take far less to do this week in and week out on reality tv. He did it for enough money that he can buy a small island and never feel embarrassed by anyone.

What he did is unforgivable, he prayed on the faith of the hopeful and the naivety of an entire world that thought he was making a wild prediction, he was orchestrating a grand global theft and he should be ashamed not of his mis-prediction, but of his actions and goals.

The Rapture is not happening, and Camping is a very rich man, he can walk away with 104 million dollars not caring that there are people with questioned faith, people without homes and yet another black eye in the face of religion; but one day he will stand at the Gates of Heaven and as Ricky Ricardo would say, “Camping you got a lot of ‘splain to do!”

I hope that anyone that followed his message can truly find the true calling of Jesus in a following not out to make a hundred million. Any true religion is not business and should not need to ask for money, but give what they can to help the less fortunate.


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