Johnny Storm, Superhero (1961-2011)

Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch of the famed First Family of Superheroes The Fantastic Four died early Tuesday morning in a heroic effort to save his young niece and nephew from marauding insect creatures. 

Born November of 1961 Mr. Storm was a cornerstone of the F4 team and a veteran of the Civil War 2006.  (From his Wikipedia Page) Born in suburban Glenville, New York, Jonathan Storm suffered in his young life. He lost his mother in a car accident where as his father, Franklin Storm, a talented surgeon, managed to escape from the accident unharmed. Despite his professional skills, he was unable to save his wife’s life and spiraled into alcoholism and financial ruin due to being denied a bank loan; after killing a loan shark in self-defense, Franklin was sent to jail and Johnny was primarily raised by his sister, despite their closeness in age.

With his sister Sue, the 16-year-old Johnny joined her fiancée Reed Richards in a space flight. Riddled with cosmic radiation, Johnny transformed into a flaming monster when the flight crashed back to earth. Calling himself the Human Torch, in tribute to the World War II era hero of the same name, the youthful Johnny found new adventure as part of the Fantastic Four, proving to be an invaluable if somewhat volatile member of the team. In the team’s first appearance he battled the Mole Man for the first time and was able to rescue the team from one of the Mole Man’s monsters. He first fought the Skrulls soon after that. Falling out with his teammates after a battle with the Miracle Man, Johnny left the group and encountered amnesiac World War II hero Namor the Sub-Mariner. Recognizing Namor from comic books, Johnny dropped him into the sea, hoping to restore his memory. The plan worked, but after Namor found Atlantis in ruins, he declared war on humanity. Johnny rejoined the Fantastic Four and they drove Namor off. Johnny fought Doctor Doom after his encounter with Namor. The immature Johnny again considered quitting the Fantastic Four, this time to join his cousin Bones’s circus, but quickly returned to the team when this was revealed to be part of a plot by the Mad Thinker to take over the Fantastic Four’s headquarters by luring them all away.

There are no services planned for Mr. Storm at this time, but there is a strong likelihood of his resurrection in the near future. Like the heroes before him, sales are always a strong consideration for return to action.

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