1st Game review of 2011: The Force Unleashed 2

I know it is a bit late, but it is better than nothing folks.  Let me first start off by saying the first TFU is one of my favorite games of all time.  Not only do I feel it has a high replay value, but it is probably the only Star Wars game to ever grasp the true nature of “using the force.”

Let me start off with the negatives:

The game has little to no story which is lost in the progress of the game, which in itself is not completely that bad. Once you beat the first the game itself is just fun to toss storm troopers around and destroy things.  The one question you actually wonder about is never answered or even speculated.

Believe it or not your force powers actually regress.   Sure there is the addition of Jedi Mind Trick which is terribly misused, but the overall powers are more limited.  In the first chapter you could combine and expand powers, this time around they are more basic and less creative.

The game is terribly short,  just as you get into the game to are in a final confrontation that you actually kid yourself into thinking that may be amid game build up… nope.  This is little more than some long DLC.

The enemies are just plain boring.  The first game had a wide range of storm troopers, creatures, rancors and bosses.  This game just gets into a pattern of storm trooper, dark Jedi, shielded trooper & repeat.  The levels sort of blend together with really only one boss fight prior to the finale.

All those negatives aside it is still a decent game, just not $60.00 decent, more like good DLC for the first installment.  The course of the game leaves little room for closure and in need of a trilogy piece, frankly it is George Lucas yet again dragging along the product name to make more money.  This is a sin to call this story a complete game, but hey the guy has a family to feed and we are the sheep he eats for dinner.

My suggestion, buy it used or better yet rent it for 2 days from Gamefly or Redbox.  Its sort of fun, but 10 hours funny at tops.

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