BEST of 2010: Television Show Sitcom

There is no debate here:

The Big Bang Theory

This might not only be the best show of 2010, but the best sitcom of all time.  I can not remember ever enjoying 3o minutes each week so much.  The geek-geared humor and references make you feel like there is a faction of producers and writers that actually understand more than just cheap jokes.  Constantly taking aim at movies, video games and comics leaves 2 possible conclusions, these guys are doing their research or they were your average kid in high school.  The change of pace from the jock being the popular kid is great, in fact the jock is usually the but of the joke on BBT.

Jim Parson has neurotic and yet brilliant Sheldon Cooper down to a science… no pun intended.  Supporting characters Raj and Howard make the side humor absolutely side-splitting.  And Penny (aka Kaley Cuoco) is beyond words beautiful and as funny as any character on the show.

Who ever said TV doesn’t make you smarter?

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