BEST of 2010: Book

Stephen King “Under the Dome”

People criticize King for being repetitive and “cashing it in” but Under the Dome is not only a completely original idea, though King has several times cast a story under the tale of a “lone city” never has the city been isolated because of an impenetrable dome. 

Something King cast aside multiple times over 3 decades turned out to be one of his best works in my opinion.  The sociology of a society cut off from all means of communication and the ravages of martial law from its citizens is deeply compelling and at most times down right scary in its realism.

Rightfully this book was published late in November of 2009, but I never read it until 2010… or finished it until 2010 at 1074 pages can you blame me with a fulltime job and a 2 year old?

If you want to read more on this I wrote a lengthy review back in Jan of 2010:

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