BEST of 2010: Game Show

While WCG is a sort of game show it is also more of a reality competition.  If you ask me the way I define the reality show is keeping everyone housed for a season.  My awards my rules, lol.


Call it what you like in your home country; Ninja Warrior or Sasuke the premise is still the same.  Insane obstacle course with people taking major spills.  The Japanese know how to make a game show, when you mess up on Jeopardy Alex Trebek looks at you like you just misspelled the President’s name; when you mess up on Ninja Warrior you typically drink a gulp of filthy foot water and smash your face on the way down.

Week after week G4 gives us the best amature athletes on the planet.  You think the Olympics is tough?  You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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