BEST of 2010: Casual Video Game

Boy this category was hard.  Now I won’t lie, until recently I played Mafia Wars on Facebook for quite a while, probably just over a year I think.  Not that I really liked the game, but as a true gamer you like to finish games, problem with the Social Network games is that they are like herpes – forever.  You just keep playing and they just keep developing content it is like a horse with a carrot on a stick, you will never quite reach the prize.

So after some thinking, and more thinking then thinking some more I give you this:

Cafe World

I don’t like this game, in fact I think it is just plain silly.  If you want to work in a restaurant, go cook or waitress.  But my wife loves this game and I am naming it the winner of this category for her.  Don’t say I never do anything for you baby.

Personally I play video games for imagination and things I can not do in real life.  I would enjoy being a Jedi and battling evil, they don;t exist so I play video games.  I would love to jam a basketball and make millions playing in the NBA, I can so I play video games.  I would say something about Grand Theft Auto here but I don’t want the police at my door.

Seriously video games are about making the unreal, real.  Cooking and serving food in real-time is not fun in my opinion.  But Zynga is making millions because everyone wants to spend $30 bucks to have pink fences on their farm and heart-shaped tables in their cafes…. you are brilliant Zynga, truly brilliant.

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