Suicide Mission to Mars? or A New Red Frontier?

There is a plan proposed by a pair of university scientists Dirk Schulze-Makuch and Paul Davies that the US and NASA have the capabilities to launch a mission to Mars, only problem is they both contend it is a one-way trip.  Some are calling it a suicide mission, but the duo state it is by no means a deathwish trip, but in reality an exploration and colonization mission.

Frankly there are only two schools of thought in this instance:

There is the conservative shortsighted realist who takes the position that the traveler will spend months in flight and years in near isolation with few if not any comrades on a lone desolate surface.

Then you have the visionistic pioneer or all in all dreamer who sees the vast potential of a colonization or bust mission that pits man against his own mortality in a foreign battleground.

It was not all that long ago that American Colonists set out West to settle the New World away from the safety of the East and build new opportunities for future generations.  Countless pioneers lost their lives to the elements, diphtheria, hunger and angry natives.  While it is inevitable that astronauts will lose lives to health issues, stress and loneliness; the probability of angry natives on Mars is unlikely outside of the minute realm of a disease-causing microbe.

The chance for a man or woman to give their life to forwarding science should not be considered suicide, while more so it should be hailed as a chance for mankind to expand their knowledge and potential living territories for future generations.  Ingenuity and avant-garde pioneers are celebrated in the history of America so how is the thought of a one way trip to Mars so shunned in the thoughts of our science community.

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