Thank you Askewers!

So All-Bruce month has come and gone.  Sadly it is such a bitter sweet celebration, but reflection on all of Bruce’s gifts and accomplishments lay homage to the wonderful things he gave us in his short time.

Apparently I am not the only one with deep dying respect and admiration for the Master… big surprise huh?  That is like saying a free dinner will have a good turnout.  But I say this on a whole different level, REALITY: Askewed has been around just over 2 years now and this was the most successful month ever for visitors!

Not too say that REALITY: Askewed is a popular blog or one that is set for to be a popular blog, but to see an impressive turnout for a topic that is so near and dear is very exciting.  This blog had eclipsed all previous traffic by the 20th of the month and nearly doubled the previous lead months total and tripled, quadrupled or more all previous months.

The most popular/read article of the month was Bring the Noise – Bruce Lee’s Influence on Pop Culture which was drawing a dozen or so average readers a day.  Sounds like small change compared to what draws in one hour, but I am not a huge blog set out to draw mass readers.  So when 350+ people read one article in a month for me that is a fairly big deal.

I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Stay tuned for the “Best of 2010” coming in December!  Yeah!

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