Germs!!!!! Ewe!!!!

Not that I believe much in the way of conspiracy theories of today, but I do find them incredibly thought-provoking and interesting, and Jesse Ventura’s new investigative show “Conspiracy Theory” is not only maybe shedding a few secrets but also a bit humorous at times and quickly becoming my favorite reality/documentary show to cuddle up with a nice box of cookies and milk.

Most of the former Governor’s theories are a bit unbelievable and out of my scope of belief, but he presents a nice view and conversation piece over dinner the following night, except this week… this week he skeeved me out.  Jesse V investigated Plum Island, the alleged secret germ base where the US scientists are supposed to be experimenting on animals, germs, viruses and bugs.

For a germ lab to be within a few hours of my home and so close that a disaster would leave us just down wind and little time to count our blessings before the latest incarnation of a small pox-polio hybrid plume cloud of  death overcomes Massachusetts.

Is the Germ Lab real?  I have no doubt there is something going on, maybe the Government is making counter strategy antidotes to all the scary shit that Al Qaeda is cooking up overseas and the next threat is brewing in their home science kit.  I highly doubt some beliefs that the US is doing anything sinister to hurt people or our enemies citizens.

Here is the kicker, no matter how good the intentions, no matter how good the security, accidents always happen.  And I don’t like it being so close, not that it should be near anyone if Ventura’s accusation that the lab will be moving to Kansas smack dab in the middle of the US of A.  Six of one, half-dozen of another.  With Plum Island you are threatening the strongest concentration of population in Boston, NYC and DC just a hop skip and jump away, with the Kansas lab you are centrally located to equally distribute a catastrophe in all directions around the US, great planning folks.

Germ warfare manufacturing is a clear violation of the 1972 treaty that was signed into effect to stop a country from creating a mass epidemic that will not only wipe out the intended citizens but also likely spread worldwide.  How many horror movies start with a rouge germ on the loose from a sloppy facility or terrorist plot?  Might not be a movie for long, might be a section in future generations history books.

Feel a cold coming on?

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