Alienware M11x

I have had this beauty for two weeks or so now and have had a chance to get accustomed to it and here is my review.  This laptop is awesome.  More hard drive then I can fill (500g), a graphics card that plays Mass Effect 2 at full settings and still runs as smooth as my Xbox.   This specs on this are amazing, but I won’t bore you with benchmarks.

The screen is only 11 1/2 inches, but its widescreen format make the keyboard comfortably small.  Meaning compact, but not so small you are bumping into other keys as you do with some netbooks.  The AlienFX are a great addition for a guy not use to having bells and whistles.  The keyboard, logo, lid and front are backlit and can be customized to any color on the RGB color scale.

Aside from aesthetics the computer runs smooth and the new Windows 7 looks great and gone is all that useless software that Windows Vista was packaged with that never got usage.  Steam, the video game download service is included with a complementary copy of Portal which in my opinion is one of the best games ever conceived.  Steam is essential because with such a small fasad there was not enough room to squeeze in a CD/DVD drive.  This is not an issue since most media is now being shared digitally.

The battery on this baby is great, if I am just messing around on the internet, posting to this blog or listening to Johnny Cash the battery life has been clocking in around 6-8 hours.  With the push of a button the turbo kicks on and the machine fires up the graphics to handle all the CPU usage I can toss at it to fire up gaming, this gives the battery about a solid 2 1/2 hours to roar.  Just a cool geeky addition included is facial recognition software.  Basically when you turn on the computer instead of logging in with a password the webcam analysis your face and logs you in by appearance.  You can even kick up the security for a progressive scan, I gave it a shot on day and walked away from the computer and had my wife sit down in front of the laptop and it immediately kicked into a login screen saying it did not recognize her face.  If you are a secure computing person this is great for you, if you are geek like me then this is just cool software.  Login in with your face is as sci-fi as laptops get right now and it is in the palm of my hands.  My wife just shakes her head, but anyone who loves sci-fi completely understands I am sure.  All in all this computer blows away the Sony Viao I owned in quality of product and price, who could ask for more.  Easily a 10 out of 10 rating.

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