Vincent Takes his Final Bow

Vincent D’Onofrio made his final appearance as Law & Order Detective Robert Goren last night, and with that I fully consider that show over. With the ending they left for Goren character I would not be surprised to see them try to pull him back for an episode or two when the ratings dip… I may tune in for those.

D’Onofrio stepped into the role in 2001 following the success of the original Law & Order and its first spinoff SVU and made Criminal Intent something special with Goren’s different take on police work then the series had been accustomed. Rarely was violent an ends to the means for Bobby, ideally he outsmarted the criminals much like Encyclopedia Brown in the detective stories I read as a youngster.

Goren final scene being “fired” by his loyal partner who ultimately took the promotion to allow her friend the dignified termination the NYPD was about to forgo let her friend and confidant leave with a friendly hug and kiss than herself resign, hence leaving the helm to a cast of new detectives. Blah. I like Jeff Goldblum, but his character is a straight from the script rip off of 8 seasons of character development by Vincent D. Aside from the possible mental illness Det Nichols is really just a skinnier, less funny version of the original.

Vincent has portrayed a few of the most memorable characters in films and I am sure his talents will not be missed for long. On the horizon it is rumored he is attached to Captain America, maybe as an army general or scientist. Unfortunately too old to play The Captain himself, last time he portrayed a man in uniform we were blessed with Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. What ever the role I am sure his fans will follow.

Best wishes Vincent D. Rest in Peace Law & Order:CI (2001-2010 episode 2)

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5 responses to “Vincent Takes his Final Bow

  • Obi's Wife

    So sad! i will not watch CI again. Best of luck Vincent

  • tina

    I have loved the Goren rule he played. The only reason I watch. Goldbrum is not the same and the shows are not the same. goron way of treating his role was unique and can not be done the same way by anyone. The show will be short lived from here on in. I for one will not be watching

  • Chimere J. Bisae

    Well I never liked left overs but it appears as though I shall have to baste in the left over episodes of L&O Criminal Intent.No Goren no me and I speak for 100 viewers. What was the exact problem? Was there an issue of his intelligence,expertise,unique mind qialities, his ability to adapt to the individual needed for the specific task, his desire to use all the tools available to him for the job at hand? He clearly was working beneath his status-but he chose so for he knew he was where he was doing the best good.Goren amd Eames the example of great parteners and best friends. These two made up criminal intent.They are the flour and liquid of the cake-without which there is no cake.There are acts that are hard to follow and there are acts that cannot be followed.Obviously ‘SOMEONE’ doesn’t know the difference.Hummmmmmmmmm smell that…………..smells like ratings to me.

    • Obi Wan Canubi

      Well put. You can’ t just pull the foundation out from under a show and shake it like an etch-a-sketch and expect people to stick around when you just ruined the picture they liked.

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