Dennis Johnson to the Hall

DJ was one of those guys who you had to love.  Know in Seattle and Phoenix he came to Boston and did what he needed to win championships for the organization, he stopped scoring and started playmaking and not only that he was named to the All-Defensive NBA team 5 times (1st team 2x’s & 2nd team 3x’s).

I am not going to sit here and spew out stats, because Dennis only wanted to win, and when that is your goal stats take the wayside, so will this blog.  Frankly, you couldn’t put together a better starting 5 then the 1986 Celtics team they could do it all and everyone had their role. The way basketball should be played.

“Now there’s a steal by Bird! Underneath to DJ who lays it in!…Right at one second left! What a play by Bird! Bird stole the inbounding pass, laid it up to DJ, and DJ laid it up and in, and Boston has a one-point lead with one second left! Oh, my, this place is going crazy!” -Johnny Most

Thank you Dennis, you deserved this honor.  Finally.

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