New Baby!!!! ~Geek Content Inside~

You all remember my ranting review for my “White Geisha Box?”  Well maybe not, actually I doubt it.  I will summarize, it was a blog about my love affair with my XBox who has since passed.  RIP.  I did replace her with “The Black Dahlia” and used “Geisha’s” memory so she is still in my heart.

Last night I took in my new buddy, an 11 inch M11x Alienware Laptop.  Not impressed?  This little beast has a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 335m Graphics Card, 8GB of DDR3, a 320 GB Hard Drive and a clockable 1.73GHz processor.  What does this mean?  It means I am walking around with an 11 inch laptop that has more power than most desktops.  I can tear up Mass Effect on the road or rack my brains to Portal while I sit in a bathroom at a comicbook convention.  The life.

What can I do with 320gb you ask.  Easily 150 GB of music and movies which I can now expand but also thin out some crap.  I have 30GB of comics I still have yet to read and of course 30GB of wedding photos and video’s of my son.  That leaves me with another 120 I can expand into gaming.

Star Wars: Old Republic any one?  Now that I have the muscle to play it at recommended spec I may have to check it out.  Until then I need to check out so good gaming on the go.  email me suggestions at

Besides the norms the laptop is laden with alien buttons, scifi style letters on the keyboard and backlit AlienFX.  It is such a nerd machine it’s not funny. I will review it in about a week along with a naming ceremony.

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