Mass Effect 2: The Review

This week I finally finished Mass Effect 2.  I pretty much stand by my mid-game review with a little emphasis on some areas.


The gameplay is everything and a whole lot more, I can’t think of anything I would change with the exception of a squad prompt of enemy locations.  For example, “Enemy on your six.”  The game has the RPG of Knights of the Old Republic and the combat of Rainbow Six.  The biggest improvement on the combat level from the first installment is the need for combat strategy.  In the original as long as you keep moving you rarely got hit and could take out most of you enemies solo, in ME2 that is recipe for suicide; cover and well-timed shots are your best bet for survival.  While combat is not incredibly difficult, it make an RPG have some feel of a FPS.

My favorite addition was the inclusion of Legion as a squad member.  Since my first journey into the Mass Effect universe I thought they were the coolest soldier/species since the Stormtrooper.  A little bit Saturn 3 android, a little bit organic Battle Droid.  And the thought that the story arcs to make it possible is the best curve since the revelation that Tyler Durden was Jack’s wet dream.  Thank you Bioware.

The game took me about 45 hours with 100% mission completion and about 50% scanning every planet down to depleted, far more elements than you will ever need in the game.  The improved dialogue and cinematic are setting a standard for the future of the genre and the thought that this reportedly ends in a trilogy saddens me.  The story was not nearly as strong as the original, and the improved gameplay makes it a step above the first.

All in all, I give it a perfect 10.

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