Sweet New Orleans

Even prior to Katrina you would find difficultly getting a person to find fault with the City of New Orleans, led by it’s French Quarter the city is known for it’s Mardi Gras celebrations, all night party, and high probablity of seeing beautiful women on any street corner without their shirts on.  Unless you are a nun, how do you find fault in that?  Now the city has on more flair of pride to call to it’s greatness; a Vince Lombardi tropy.

Last night the Saints did the impossible, they beat the Colts and not just in a close game, but by 14 points.  No one has lost that bad since the Oakland Raiders, is that the future the Colts look forward to… how great a future it would be.  As a Patriots fan I was rooting for the Saints as much as I was rooting against the Colts, a team that probably leads the way in teams I can’t stand to win.  But if the Patriots can’t win, I am glad the Saints can, they are very much what the Patriots were back in 2002 when they raised their first trophy.  A team without a superstar that wins as a whole.  A quarterback that was not someones first choice to lead the way and a defense that quietly did the job and got no credit… until they stopped an unstoppable offense to win it all.

I take it back, there may be two cities that hate the Saints, Indianapolis and San Diego.

Drew Brees just became the next Tom Brady, I hope he can stay as humble as he was yesterday, and as focused as he has been since having his breakout year with the Chargers in 2004.  This win gives him the confidence to win many more, let’s not squander it on fur coats and chasing supermodels.  Maybe that is why God made this quarterback hero not so GQ; the world needs QBs, not poster-boys.

Who Dat?  Now we know, it’s Drew Brees and the Saints.


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