Mass Effect Strikes Back

So many of our great epics have shined brightest during their second installment: Star Wars, Aliens, Superman, Terminator and some would say the Godfather, but personally I didn’t care for any of them.

This month Bioware released the follow-up to what I consider the greatest game ever, will this be a superior sequel like Aliens?  I don’t know.  Will this be a flop like Major League 2?  Highly unlikely.  Or will it be a sequel equal to the first, much like Rocky & Rocky 2?  I would put my odds there, but I won’t know for another 100 or so gaming hours.

Up till now what I can tell you is that the storyline is not as gripping, they are basically branching off the Reaper storyline, then again, the story is still young and has time to branch off at what I think will pit Shepard against Cerubus or the Normandy’s AI… or both, while pushing the already beaten Reapers as a subplot.  Not that fighting the Reapers again will make the game less fun, but there is little mystery, which is what made the original title so griping.

As for gameplay, the sequel is far superior, they moved a little off the RPG character customization and made rank upgrades less about exp points and made it more about the elements you can find and research your upgrading via the weapons you improve.  Communication is a little improved with the implimentation of dropping an instant renegade or paragon option into the dialogue without having to choose an option.  What really improved was combat, gone is the general aiming reticule and added is a cross hair which implements a more precision type aiming that you would see in a FPS much like we are seeing a crossover from RPG to having killer storylines.  The line between the two genres is really beginning to blend and it only benefits the gamers.

The addition of importing more than just a character and allowing for all your decisions of the past to reward you or haunt you is just awesome.  Almost every action in Mass Effect has a reaction in ME2, starting from as little as a referenced report on the new briefs to how a character associates with you based on your treatment of an character or species from the first chapter.

Suit up N7.

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