Stand with Coco

I will make this short and sweet.

NBC is a bag full of morons.

Conan’s monologue from Wednesday said all that needed to be said, you are making the biggest mistake siding with Jay Leno.  My assumption is that you will buy out Conan’s contract for the pre-disclosed rate of $30 million bucks and Conan will release a statement what he is taking time off from tv then will reassess his priorities.  While he is relaxing with his thoughts in Cabo his agent will be working out a deal with ABC or FOX to put his head-to-head with Jay and you will see the ratings war begin like never before.

Sources are popping up this AM that Conan will host out the Tonight Show through next Friday then it is “Sayonara NBC.”  NBC executives will try to stop him from going to a new network, but seeing as the took his job and broke contract he should have no problem landing at 11:35 and be a reminding mistake for the next decade or so until his show becomes the new standard in Late Night and is handed down to his protege.

Conan said it best, “kids you can do anything you want to do as long as Jay Leno doesn’t want to do it too.”

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