Aliens on the Moon?

Are there messy aliens on the moon who traveled millions of miles from home and didn’t bring their mommies with them?

A month ago NASA crashed a lunar craft into the moon in hope of just this type of discovery.

“We found water. And we didn’t find just a little bit. We found a significant amount,” Anthony Colaprete, lead scientist for the mission, told reporters as he held up a white water bucket for emphasis.  Approximately 25 gallons of water was discovered in the controlled crash raising some interesting questions of how water made it’s way to the moon.

Did the lunar craft disturb an alien hovel deep within the crater?  If so are there mutual aid ships from another galaxy rushing to the Milky Way to assess the casualties?  Is the disaster being simul-broadcast across the Universe with E.T.s glued to their holovisions?

I hate to make light of any mass disaster, but do we know what injuries we may have inadvertently caused to intelligent beings colonizing Earth’s sole satellite?  With so many questions we can only begin to wonder.  Not to mention, do aliens really enjoy Reese’s Pieces or is that just an intergalactic stereotype?

Or could this all just be the result of the icy molecules of deep space that have settle and gathered in a cold lonely crater on the Moon?

Regardless of the outcome of findings it is pretty cool.

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One response to “Aliens on the Moon?

  • Scimmo

    What kind of a moron are you?

    You must be a certified idoit if you think their are aliens living on the moon. I don’t not believe in aliens, I believe God made only us. But it takes a real idoit to think they would live so close and go undetected.

    I will never read your blog again.

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