Too Die, or Not to Die…

What John Allen Muhammad did was absolutely reprehensible.

His maintenance of his innocence and  refusal to own up to his wrongdoing only further reinforces his sociopathic nature. Islam teaches “Al-Istighfaar”, or like most religions seeking forgiveness from God and the offended.  John Allen did nothing of the sort.  He should be ashamed to have taken the name Muhammad.

As I write this a physician is inserting a needle into his arm and he will be given a cocktail of a coma inducer, muscle relaxant and a toxin.  He will silently fade off, but his crimes will still haunt victims, their relatives and people of America.

Why is America still endorsing capital punishment?

I won’t lie, when I first hear of a horrendous crime the first thing I think of is I hope they catch this person and kill them.  I think that is human nature.  But killing this man does no good.

Though as I write this Muhammad is now dying… painlessly.

Death is an easy way out of serving punishment.  Seven years ago Muhammad commited these crimes, he has only served seven years of hard time for these crimes.  Some car thieves serve more time.  Yet now Muhammad’s suffering is over.

He will never eat another terrible meal.

He will never sit lonely in a cold cell.

He now has no inner-demons to wrestle with over the pain he has caused.

Killing a sociopath is not a deterrent.  A man like this is not afraid of death, given the opportunity he would have killed himself before a cop place steal bracelets on his wrists.  Like many cowards who have committed terrible atrocities, they can not stand their own judgment of their crimes.

John Allen Muhammad is now dead.  Only we suffer for his crimes from this point forward.  The only thing we have done is rob him of years of guilty, solidarity, and punishment.

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